Friday, October 4, 2013

Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort – Unleashed!!!!

By Toy Taylor - supporting writer for Evolution Magazine & Film and Fashion Futures Promotions

Style Villa, NBMA Photography
Fashions by Robert Black,
NBMA Photography
 What an exciting way to kick-off Phoenix FashionWeek runway show here at the Talking Stick Resort in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona! Tonight was the first of three runway exhibitions showcasing a number of well-established designers, as well as the outstanding designs created by the up-and-coming designers. The atmosphere was all abuzz from the opening of the Style Villa where one could pick up a new piece from their favorite designer to the DJ spinning your favorite dance tunes. The energy was alive with excitement. Many came out tonight wearing their best! To kick off the festivities Robert Black Fashions  gave the crowd something to talk about. His style is modern and chic, yet timeless. Robert Black's couture masterfully blends the 40's 50's and the 21st century into an unforgettable masterpiece. Joanna de'Shay's Black Russian Label 
Black Russian Label
NBMA Photography
collection takes a simplistic approach to very wearable fashion for today's busy woman. The use of asymmetrical lines gives much flattery to the Black Russian Label ensemble. Bold animal prints and bright pink hues really made this a collection that will be sought after.

Bradon McDonald
NBMA Photography
Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort offered a nice surprise bringing Project Runway Season 12 participant Bradon McDonald to the runway. Bradon's style is like no other. He has no boundaries when it comes to using prints or different textures all at the same time. This daredevil of a designer holds nothing back. His originality is definitely above and beyond all expectations. And what can be said for Shawl Dawls? Except every woman must own one! Shawl Dawls is NOT your ordinary shawl. These shawls can be worn 15+ different ways from a dress to a hoodie and yes, even a shawl. The shawls come in a vast array of colors and different textures and prints. Which is great! On the runway, Shawl Dawls partnered up with Fuchsin Ave leg purse giving the entire ensemble much attention. Shawl Dawls are so remarkably versatile every fashionista should have one....or two!

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