Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fly Away Angel...A Tribute To A Friend

Everyday on this journey of edification of others and finding those most special individuals that make a difference in other peoples lives, you come across someone that is gifted in a special way to reach those that others may not be able to.  They themselves have lived a tough life and one that has challenged them in many ways and left them often times in dispair and without hope seeming.  But today and from now on, they are dedicated to making a difference no matter what it takes and they are forging through the challenges life has to offer with a smile on their face and happiness in their heart.  This one such person, I know, Jenny Blazey, is that amazing individual that has gifts that go for miles.  I am blessed and proud to know her.  She has overcome and accomplished so many things.  She has shared this poem with me and I promised I would make her proud of it by publishing it.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, because the meaning is deep and hits the heart powerfully if you have ever experienced loss in your life.  I'm grateful for the gifted individuals I come across.  Thank you Jenny!!!

Fly Away Angel 
Written by Jenny Blazey 

I'll remember your sweet face each and every day 
and in my broken heart is were you will stay 
there is nothing I can do to make you come back 
then I closed my eyes and I saw the clouds slowly starting to open wide 
and there were heavens gates on the other side 
the gates started to open a hand came to me and was placed upon my head 
I saw no face but these were the words that were said 
you guys I know you miss me but please stop grieving now 
God will do the rest he is really a great person 
so I'm in great hands but I really have to go now 
today I am getting my wings.

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