Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fashion Season In Full Effect!

RECAP---I can’t believe we’re only 2 full 

months into 2015 and the events have been 

buzzing all over town. Fashion season has 

already been unleashed with the Full Throttle 

Fashion Show in Paradise Valley mixing 

runway with sexy sports cars. The Scottsdale 

Fan Fest Fifth Quarter Fashion Show with that was packed full of pro athletes and 


Phoenix Fashion Week kicked off their season with Suits and Sneakers featuring 

menswear guru Percy Knox of Elevee Fine Fashions.
Eva Louis and Percy Knox

let’s not forget about the Big Game Party Bus presented 

by Yandy.com. Check out their story here. Talk about an 

awesome way to hit all the party spots especially with 

Super Bowl XLIX in town. From Scottsdale to downtown 

Phoenix to Glendale the party lifestyle was on point! 

Tina M Estes

To keep in line with the socializing soirees, February’s RAW Artists show turned out an eclectic array of artists from abstract art to angel wings to some of the most amazing photography I have ever seen. 

This time around RAW could boast phenomenal talents upstairs in the showroom while downstairs was a more laid back atmosphere.

Performing on stage AND hosting the event is the 

ever-smiling Tina M Estes and her soulful sound. 

Other entertainment was Cole Guthrie and her band 

Crimson Hour. 
Cole Guthrie

Dance troupe FootKlan were having a good ole time 

entertaining the crowd.


Makeup artist Fabian hit the runway with his renditions of theatrical makeup. Super crazy makeup designs! Scarred faces and 3D effects! I even think I saw the Joker onstage! 


As I walked around the artists’ showroom, I noticed how much skulls and anime-themed styles were used. I was hit with alien-esque vibe at one turn then hit with colorful skulls at another. Kylie La Ree Art used her talents in creating anime fighting chicks. Her artistic abilities drew a deep crowd to her art. Kylie free hands facial art of all types of skeletal images that was ridiculously unbelievable. 

Shaken Hallow downright intrigued me and scared me at the same time. Hollowed eyes bald with grayish skin took me right into a scary movie! I couldn’t stop staring at the painting because it wouldn’t stop staring at me!

Marjani Hawkins

Photographer Marjani Hawkins was bright 

eyed and big smiles. You can't help but smile 

when you chat with her. Her work is that of 

great detail and filled with precise thought.

Angel Wings
Jessica Jacobs
Have you ever dreamt of being a fairy with real wings? Well, I found out to make that dream come true just ask Jessica Jacobs to make you a custom pair of Wearable Whimzy angel wings. These are so flippin’ cute I wish I had a daughter so we could have a matching set! YES! I would wear a pair of angel wings! No laughing please…. 

 And finally, what brought my attention to this month's RAW show was the fabulous Shane Baker of Shane Baker Studios. This man’s eye for photography was spot on. He showed an underwater collection that made my mouth drop. If you did not see it then you truly missed out.  Please check out Shane’s site for the entire collection. Alas, my photos failed me. The model looked like she was floating without a care in the world. If it weren’t for the billowiness of the gown, one might not realize the shoot was underwater. To capture such an ethereal moment in a still shot was quite phenomenal. Awesome blossom Shane Baker!

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