Friday, July 17, 2015

It's Not Just Any Old Film Festival....It's 2015 IndieAZ Fest!!!

I had such a fabulous time the other night! The Chronic Behavior team headed out to the 2015 IndieAZ Fest to work, aka film, the red carpet and score some great interviews. You will have to catch up with Talking the Five to see the fun interviews. As usual, we had a ball! This was my second film festival to attend and let me tell you, I'm hooked! To witness the end result of so many grueling hours' working day and night perfecting a film short was quite inspiring in of itself. The level of creativity these budding writers/actors/producers (yes, sometimes all-in-one) bring to film is nothing short of awe-inspiring. 

This was the 1st annual IndieAZ Fest to be held at the Pollack Tempe Cinemas in none other than Tempe, AZ. Now this is not some shoddy cinema, nor is it your typical high-tech fancy shmancy theater. Hence, the word cinema;keeping it old school. I love this place! Pollack Tempe Cinemas carry an old-fashioned, dedicated to film style of theater with a vast array of cinematic memorabilia all around the place. This theater pays homage to the latest and greatest of movies past and present. 

The IndieAZ film shorts were shown in an intimate theater were guests were able to rocker-recline to their hearts content. And of course, there was plenty of movie popcorn and soda to go around. Now if you're not familiar with a film festival, here's the skinny. Show up...get your picture taken on the red carpet...grab some popcorn and an icy drink...then settle in for an evening of phenomenal viewing. It's just that simple.
Michelle Palermo- Best Thesp Terminus

Angel Ruiz-Terminus

The IndieAZ Fest debuted 11 film shorts that "wowed" the heck out of me. I found myself laughing out loud at one moment then mouth gaped open and shaking my head the next. 

Here's the lineup for the 1st annual IndieAZ Fest playbill and the awards given:

Terminus---Best Fest and Best Thespian to Michelle Palermo
We Probably Still Do
The Dome---in my opinion the best cast ever!
Best Day Ever
Focus---Winner Audience Choice and Best of Craft
Flight Fright---Best of Craft
Surrender at Crow Lake
Hell of a Deal

There were celebrity guests in the audience as well. Lejon O. Stewart from Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2 spoke of his career and what it meant to be a part of the film industry. He was very cool. You could tell his passion for the art of acting and film keeps him reaching for higher heights. 
Larry Thomas
Me and Karen on the red carpet

Larry Thomas also spoke about his journey through the Hollywood craze. He, too, has had a long passion-driven career in acting. Mr. Thomas is most famous for this role on Seinfeld as the Soup Nazi. And YES, he said it...."No soup for you!"

L--Angela Friis, Ann Cabano, Krysten Aldridge

Through her own trials and tribulations, Krysten Aldridge shared with us her remarkable story of how she came to be one of founders of the non-profit organization One True Love

A documentary written and directed by Ann Cabano titled Breath Interrupted portrays the anguish Krysten deals with through her own personal

journey with addiction. Such an accomplishment for both these ladies.

One True Love sets out to do one thing for the 'unhomed' people on the streets of Arizona: feed their spirit, their mind, as well as their body. Krysten along with co-founder Ann Cabano set out in their newly renovated food truck to go out and provided meals, personal hygiene items, or sometimes just have a simple have a conversation with people. I believe Krysten stated they have even help unhomed pets if need be. To learn more about One True Love
please visit their website. These girls rock!!

Jane Fendelman

Another award was presented tonight to a woman that I have had the pleasure to know real quickly, in a short amount of time...Ms. Jane Fendelman. IndieAZ Fest awarded Jane the Rose Award for her incredible journey of surviving breast cancer. Jane Fendelman is a strong, energetic, spitfire that brightens up any room she is in. She shares such a passion for life. Jane documented her entire journey before, during, and after her ordeal
Rose Niemand-on screen

Jane Fendelman

with chemotherapy. A brief snippet of the documentary was shown at the festival, and oh my, oh my I ha massive tears to hold back. i failed miserably. Jane's story has become so impactful, it has become a full length film. The Rose Award was created in memory of Rose Niemand who lost the battle with cancer earlier this year. Rose's children presented Jane with the award.

I was quite exhausted after the evenings festivities. I'll admit, I  could have sat through another set of film shorts.  

I want to give a big shout our to Watercolors High Fashion Desert in Scottsdale for dressing several of the ladies on the red carpet, including Boss Lady Eva Louis and Karen Sundt. 
And a huge thank you to the co-founders Ann Cabano and Angela Friis for a very successful first year of                                                                the IndieAZ Fest. Look out 2016!

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