Friday, September 18, 2015

Little Fashionistas Take The Runway By Storm

Photography by Jam Sani 

I have to tell you guys the truth, as I am writing this article, I'm getting the warm fuzzies tugging right at the ol' heart strings with this one. 

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending FAB Weekend's Fashion Against Bullying event held at South Valley Prep and Arts Academy in the ever-changing South Phoenix.

It was such a sight watching the little munchkins strut up and down the runway. 

Photography by Jam Sani 
Photography by Jam Sani 

I got so tickled by the gi-normous attitudes in these 

pint-sized little bodies. I think I saw as young as 3 

years old on upwards to young adult.

Photography by Jam Sani 

Photography by Jam Sani

Photography by Jam Sani

This awesome fashion show was set in motion to raise awareness on the perils of bullying. As it is, there are many struggles our younger generation goes through in learning how to thrive in today's society. 

But when you add bullying to the equation, it becomes equally harder in dealing with normal childhood struggles. I would suspect there's not many of us who have not dealt with bullying in one shape or form, no matter which side of the coin your on. 

Photography by Jam Sani

It is hurtful, humiliating and at times downright lethal.

The more light that can be shed on this harrowing topic, the more awareness 

will be brought to the seriousness of the subject. 

Okay, okay! I am off my soap box...for now lol. It's time to get down to the fun

stuff. Kiddos on the runway! Oh my gosh, these kiddos were so stinkin' cute!

One rising little diva walked the catwalk like

there was a contract waiting at the end of the

night. I loved it!!! Check out the pics of these

kids working it out.

The event contributors include Kays 

Lamar(who also supplied hair and makeup), 

Trampolina Boutique, The Gap, Little Divas, Keep 

Collective(accessories) and Thurmanetics(active wear).

Julian Nieh

The Fashion Against Bullying host Julian Nieh of KZZP 

seemed like he was successfully keeping the 

audience completely engaged, while listening to the 

sounds of Kev DJXclusive. Y'all know if the music is 

good then its gonna be a good time.

Danielle Fischer, Emily Ortiz, Julian Nieh,
Terrance Hudson

Also in attendance showing their support and sharing their stance on bullying were National American Miss Danielle Fischer, National American Princess Emily Ortiz, and Miss PreTeen AZ United States Jasmine Marshall.

Photography by Jam Sani
Beat Drop Kids
Photography by Jam Sani

The shows festivities included not only a fantastic runway show but some really cool entertainment from dance troupe Beat Drop Kids. A little bit of pop locking, and break dancing made this trendy group a crowd pleaser. 

Even the Phoenix Suns Gorilla made his debut and hyped up the crowd.
Photography by Jam Sani

Terrance Hudson, Kathy Blaze Jefferson and
Antoinette Fisher of Dynasty Ink

FAB Weekend really 

presented a 

great show for an even 

greater cause. 

Bullying has become such a

worrisome problem in our society it 

was a beautiful sight to see these 

young adults come together to strut 

their stuff for such a worthy cause. 

Stay tuned to see what FAB 

Weekend has in store for you at the 

next big soiree coming real soon. Great job FAB!

See you on the runway!

Toy Taylor

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