Saturday, October 15, 2016

Phoenix Fashion Week 2016 Opening Night...

Yeeessssss it is finally here! This night officially kicked off the 2016 Phoenix Fashion Week event. Over the next 3 days we will get 20+ runway shows that leave you speechless, eye-bulging, and shouting out loud for your faves. 

I am so ready for to see this year's competition with the emerging designers that I am just beside myself. They have all lived through the rigorous 4-month designer boot camp and now comes the time to show us what they have learned in taking their brand to the next level. Each of the emerging designers have hopes of winning the title of Designer of the Year. 

Each night will be placed into 3 different categories: Community Night, Contemporary Night, and Luxury & Couture Night. 

This first evening the emerging designers are looking to be dubbed Lifestyle Designer of the Year. This is where is get all tingly. We will be given fan-tabulous runway shows whose collections will reflect the night's theme. 

And let's not forget the top 40 models who are competing for Model of the Year 2016. The competition is fierce this year!

Also new this year is The Gallery at Phoenix Fashion Week boasting some of Arizona's top photographers. The finalist of the photography challenge will have their best work displayed at Phoenix Fashion Week.

To kick off the event on Community Night were designers from right here in our own backyard. From the Art Institute to 104.7 KISS FM JohnJay and Rich's (and Kyle) LoveUP movement. The community came out to show their support for Arizona fashion on this night. Check it out:

The Art Institute of Phoenix   

Arizona Community Designers
           Alejandra Inzunza

           JohnJay and Rich  #LOVEUP   IG - @JohnJayVanes


Catherine Anaya KTVK
Kyle Unfug KISS FM



            Sillin Inc    IG - @SillinInc  

        Astrid Apparel     IG - @Astrid_Apparel



           Bunny Gerrit     IG - @bunnygerrit


         Prodigie     IG - @prodigieapparel


         The Identity of She     IG - @theidentityofshe

         WhileAway Clothing for Tiger Lily Shop

             Kelly Callaway Designs      IG -  @kelly_grace.5

         Prodigal Sun Clothing     IG - @mr_prodigalsun


               Bria & Company      IG - @_briacompany

          Angela Johnson           IG - @tshirtballgown



       State Forty Eight        IG - @statefortyeight

L-Stephan, Nick, Nuvia (Stylist), Mike

Here are your Emerging Designers on 

Community Night

Marisa Mike   IG - @marisamike

Monica Mauro

Marisa Mike

ForgivenLove      IG - @theforgivenlove

Emmanuel Hightower

Lifestyle Designer of the Year Winner....

Isy B            IG - @Isybdesign

Isy B

Charmosa Swim          IG - @charmosaswimwear

Neide Hall

Neide Hall and Natasha Duran of Hues of Ego

Francesca Lake (FIDM)

Francesca Lake

And that is opening night for Phoenix Fashion Week. Stay tuned for the continuing party....

See you on the runway!

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Thanks to the Chronic Behavior team and Andrea Anderson of Epifani Studios for their excellent coverage of the event. They are the team helping to support and promote the brand. We appreciate you for your continued support.

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