Saturday, December 3, 2016


Saturday night brought an evening full of fashion and entertainment with FAB Weekend’s Fashion Against Bullying fashion show and Blazing Curves runway show.
The event was held at the always quaint Embassy Suites Hotel in the Phoenix/Paradise Valley area. I love this place. It may be a large property but it always feels so cozy. Very inviting.

Terrance FAB Hudson
CEO of Blazing Curves
Kathy Blaze Jefferson
The co-founders of FAB Weekend Terrance Hudson and Kathy Blaze Jefferson along with Antoinette Monique of Fashion 4 A Cause

awareness to two very different topics. Each face negative similarities which can be otherwise harmful in many ways to one's self esteem and worth.

Bullying amongst our youth and the misnomer that curvy women aren’t or can’t be beautiful has been an age old thorn for decades.

Not on this night....

FAB Weekend allowed every model no matter how old or young no matter shape or size to set aside any negativity and be free and beautiful on the runway.

So let’s talk about these kiddos on the runway…..

Who doesn’t love the little ones strutting down the runway? You truly have no idea what you are going to get. I thought there was diva-esque attitude at the first annual Fashion Against Bullying show…..but on this night it was turned up a notch!



The young men even hammed it up quite a bit having a good time for an even better cause. These kids of all ages had a blast being a part of
such an inspiring event.   





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The 2nd annual FAB event let the inner fashionista out of some of these kiddos. I was grinning from ear to ear as if they were my own child. I loved every minute of it. It was great!

I was even impressed with the older grade schoolers taking command of the runway and not letting the super adorable babies steal all the limelight.


Bullying amongst our youth has become such a troubling problem in our society that suicide in our younger generation has been escalating. This is incredibly disheartening as no child should ever have to suffer at the hands of a bully. Sadly we are surrounded by vast resources that give bullies a high platform to be up front and center. As parents we must talk to our children on the daily and be nosy... It's our job!

For the children who are affected directly or indirectly by bullying had a safe haven on this stage to hold their pretty little heads high and smile (or stare like a deer in headlights) and make their way down the runway. This may have been the first time on the catwalk for several of the kiddos but you never would of known it by the confidence shown.


The talent billed for the night went right along with the stand up against bullying theme. Nothing like the young people being the entertainment for young people. They were all so talented!
The RAD Kids - Dance Crew

Charismatic - Singer

The Phenomenal Stars - Dance Crew
Jasmine Marshall - Singer

A big shout out goes to all sponsors of the 3rd Annual Fashion Against Bullying...

GAP-Burlington Coat Factory-MACY'S-Cheeky Chic-True Religion-Nike Factory-Vitals Studios-Aflac-Fry's Food Store-Walmart-Sunshine Grey Skies Boutique-Rashaun Designs
Audi of North Scottsdale

And now for the Blazing Curves runway show....

Let me start off by saying "wow" to the ladies who have blossomed with a confidence so big it filled the room. 

I first met the Blazing Curves models several years back and was intrigued with the tenacity and leadership behind the company. 

I was impressed how founder Kathy Blaze Jefferson created a platform for women with curves where they can be pretty, exude confidence, and show there beauty inside and out.

Check out these beautiful ladies blazing up the runway...


These Blazing Curves look amazing in Delightfully Vixen





The Identity 
Of She

Shanks Shoeware
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your purchase 
Shanks Shoeware
These talented ladies entertained the party goers with their smooth sound. Katrina Ramirez (who wrote the Blazing Curves theme song), The Real Amelia Rose, and Mizz Mocha.....great job!

Katrina Ramirez

Mizz Mocha

The Real Amelia Rose

A big shout out to all sponsors of the Blazing Curves fashion show:

Aconav-Uniques Apparel-STRUT-The Identity Of She-Delightfully Vixen-Mr. Formal-Prince Shaun Bowties-Shanks Shoeware-Style With Kari-DJ Xclusive-Tay Short Hair and Makeup Team-
Makeup Artists-Vicente Favala & Luna Wise

And I cannot forget to show some love to the host of the entire event Mr. Dizzie Ramsey. When Dizzie has a mic in his hand you are guaranteed fun and laughter. Outfit changes were on point! Thank you for putting your own flavor into FAB Weekend's big event. Kudos to you, Mr. Ramsey!

Hope you enjoyed FAB Weekend's Fashion Against Bullying and Kathy Blaze Jefferson's Blazing Curves fashion shows. Make sure to follow FAB Weekend on all upcoming events. Next up...Hair Wars and Model Wars, May 2017. And remember to support your local businesses to keep our communities growing strong.

See you on the runway!

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Thanks to the Chronic Behavior team and Elena and Jim Photography for their excellent coverage of the event. They are the team helping to support and promote the brand. We appreciate you for your continued support.

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