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Phoenix Fashion Week's Emerging Designer Launch and Top 40 Model Reveal


Alright! I think I can officially say it is party time in the fashion sector. I don’t think anyone was ready for the seismic show we 

happily received from 

Phoenix Fashion 

Week’s Emerging 

Designer Launch and 

TOP 40 Models reveal.

The whole shindig felt like an exclusive viewing meant for the best of the best. The event was held at the swanky Ellure Nightclub located in none other than the ever-happening Old Town Scottsdale. 

This year, the Phoenix

Fashion Week team did

things quite differently

which was a pleasant

surprise. We actually

had some
Christine Adar (l) - Eva Louis
EnnYe Couture (l) - Daniel Blunck

Toy Taylor - WVSH (r)

valuable time to chill with the

designers intimately and get to

know them little better.

Marie Margot Couture (l) - Marina Johnson

It’s amazing what you learn from such creative minds when you sit down face to face and chat.  

There are such fresh new faces with eclectic stylings amongst the 2017 Emerging Designers. It was truly exhilarating being around that level of talent.

From the exquisite evening wear of Taussy Daniel in East Africa to sexy beachwear by ShaLaJa Swimwear in Atlanta, GA to Cliff D. Creations of the Phillippines. We got a little taste of it all.

Tucson, AZ is represented by

Qmulative Men's street wear and

home of the pocket square.

One ED who is on my radar is Moon Arrow. Oh how much fun was this young lady!

Her energy was very calming and drew you right in. Her brand is fun, sexy and just as unique as she is.

She’s quite passionate about her craft and it shows.

One familiar face I was super proud to see was Arizona’s very own Native American designer ACONAV, who who had the pleasure to grace the runway in the Fall 2016. I have beyond enjoyed watching designer Loren Aragon grow his brand to the level that it is today.
ACONAV (l) - myself

I expect a certain level of wearable couture from Aconav where women could visualize themselves in 5-star wearable fashion. And the fact they are returning to the runway for a  second year screams volumes on his level of talent. ACONAV didn’t come to play they came to win.

Tonight we got a sneak peek and

I mean a tiny glimpse, into the

world of each emerging fashion

designers and the accessory

designers. But first up was the

up close and personal look at

2017 Top 40 Models.

Things got heated up quick with the winning of the Headshot
Challenge. It’s beyond me on how any of them could lose. They all look so amazing, guys and girls.

The competition looks fierce with quite a few new faces in the lineup.

Congratulations to Greyson Scofield for being named Best Male Headshot and Khayla Munir for Best Female Headshot.They are definitely the land of the pretty people.

Here are the 2017 Emerging Designers:

ACONAV – Phoenix, AZ       
IG - @aconav

Christine Adar – Chicago, IL
IG - @christineadar

Cliff D. Creations - Philippines  www.facebook.com/cliffdcreations/ IG - @cliffdcreations

EnnYe Collection – San Francisco, CA  
IG - @ennye_collection

Liv Rio – Scottsdale, AZ      
IG - @liv_rio_sportswear

Marie Margot Couture – Denver, CO  www.facebook.com/MarieMargotBridalCouture/
IG - @mariemargotcouture

Moon Arrow – Los Angeles, CA
IG - @moonarrowco

Nahuala – Jalisco, Mexico   
IG - @nahualamx

Nouvelle - Palm Beach, FL
IG - @nouvelleresort

Odd Bird Designs – San Diego, CA
IG - @oddbirddesigns

Qmulative – Tucson, AZ
IG - @qmulative

ShaLaJa Swimwear – Atlanta, GA
IG - @shalajaswimwear

Taussy Daniel – Maputo, East Africa
IG - @taussydaniel

Theo Doro – Tucson, AZ
IG - @theo_doro_fairyland

WVSH – San Diego, CA
IG - @wvshofficial


The 2017 Accessory Designers:

ENJI Studio Jewelry - San Diego, CA
IG - @enji_studio_jewelry

GFash NOW - San Diego, CA
IG - @gfash_now

Multi-Colored Animal (MCA) - Phoenix, AZ
IG - @multi_colored_animal

Tagliente Designs - Phoenix, AZ
IG - @taglientedesigns

Executive Director Brian Hill
If what we saw unveiled at the launch party is an indication of what’s to come, Arizona will definitely gain some fashionable street cred after the big showing in October. The diversity within the emerging designers is unfathomable. From simplistic in nature to red carpet ready-to-wear. These budding designers are going to give us a great show. My money's on this year being the best year EVER for Phoenix Fashion Week. Brian Hill….I think you and the team outdid yourself this time.

Host - Bianca Mead

Please show your love and support

by following your favorite, and your

not so favorite, emerging designer

and watch them soar while trying to

win 2017 Emerging Designer of the

Year Award.

By the way, hurry and get your tickets for Phoenix Fashion Week Oct 5-7 RIGHT HERE.They WILL sell out fast!

See you on the runway!

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