Tuesday, September 17, 2013

14 days....and counting down until the FASHION EXPLOSION!!!

     In the world of fashion...there are major highlights every year that dedicated fashionistas look forward to.  The new spring season collection releases through runway shows in the major hot spots are definitely on everyone's fashion schedule.  We are getting ready for a riveting week of fashion beginning on October 1, 2013.  And so the count down begins.
     For the next 14 days, as we count down to what rocks the world of fashion in Arizona, we will focus on the the talent of the emerging designers and their designs styles for this year which are definitely trendsetting and standout.   First we would like to recap the first major view of the runway for the emerging designers which takes us back to the August 9th event. ************************************************
     You know that feeling of anxiety and giddiness you have when you experience something for the first time and you know it’s so incredible you have no way to describe it or stop the awesome feeling that comes with it…Phoenix Fashion Week and Studio 3D delivered this experience on Friday, August 9th as they presented "Shop Garment District Fashion Show". If you have ever been to the Village or Soho in New York, you would be able to relate. Studio 3D was electric and compounded with intensity from all sides of fashion, runway, culture, and vibe. And the vibe was strong.
     The Studio 3D house was full as many have already reported and flowing with curiosity as well as observations by the fashion newbies in the crowd and the experienced fashionistas that breathe fashion; there are a few of us (total understatement)!! What Phoenix Fashion Week has created is a lifestyle view of fashion that reaches many demographics. It was evident the emerging designers followed their leader in guidance and representation and approached the runway with fiery gusto. Each designer demonstrated their capability to bring their creations to life in such a manner that you felt part of “The Emerging Designer Experiment” (coined phrase by PHXFW) at a visceral level.
     In format and structure, I love the Phoenix Fashion Week presentation of runway as you are completely engaged as you see the dancing of the fabrics, the movements of the models, and the explosion of artistic colors and blends from each of the designers. This event was no exception in the quality and class of this continually developing edgy fashion organization. Each of the emerging designers has a specific focus and niche by what they create. Here’s a brief recap of each of the designers:
  • Dolcessa – from Las Vegas, NV a place I like to call my second home, they bring the swimwear to shape you sexy. The vibrant color blends with the sleek cuts, embellishments and styling make their designs a must have for summer and tropical weather fun.
  • Doux Belle – Vintage, vintage, vintage…did someone say the “roaring 20s” or “The Great Gatsby”…fringe with the classic and sophisticated styling make these designs a favorite go to for themed and standout formal wear. The designs exude elegance at many levels. Enjoy this while you can.
  • D.p.c by Dora Yim – classic lines and exquisite tailoring…every professional woman should consider this clothing line when you want to control the boardroom or you are the BOSS. These are uniquely styled and will stand the test of time with color compatibility that will extend the coordination of these pieces.
  • Herbert Victoria – The infusion of culture and innovation in the line is complimented by the use of bold lines and shapes as well as warm and cool colors coordinated in fashion that almost looks like it's telling a story. The western influence is evident and the flexible styling of the designs makes this an attractive and forward thinking line.
  • Ja’ire – understands the lines required to accentuate the shapes and the necessary elegance and celebrity that anyone would need as their designs represent the inner and outer beauty of those fortunate enough to take on the persona developed into the styles of Ja'ire. The sexy and classy are readily evident in the designs shared so far.
  • Linden – form fitting simple cuts that flatter the figure with unique styles that use innovation and often recycled materials; you won't find these artistic pieces just anywhere. Inspired pieces and their coordination is a given as you can't go wrong with this chic line.
  • Loin Cloth – hip, cool, vibe for all types of individuals that dream and are ambitious. With the selection of comfort wear for the active and driven person you can be sure to find something that fits your fancy...the focus is on quality and offers the person who wants to have fun in life that chance when you put on one of their shirts or hats.
  • Medium Apparel – borderless and global urban streetwear, need I say more. Attention to detail, quality and the creative word play in the messaging of the clothing makes this an unforgettable line. If you want to say it with clothing, no reason to go further, they got your number.
  • Michelle Herbert – they are a favorite of an past emerging designer from last year and they truly represent visions of couture art and concepts that combine romance and elegance with details that cannot be duplicated. Every piece is artistic and requires recognition for the feelings they erupt as you experience their line.
  • Proverbs by Efua – fashion for a cause...forward thinking creators towards making a difference to help end human trafficking. The dresses and scarves carry with them elegant simplicity that makes these designs adaptable from day to night and from business to fun just by adding accessories and complimentary pieces. Their message is clear and is for the conscious buyer.
  • Stephanie Gentry – Urban chic with styles of vintage, Victorian and added embellishments make for a finely cut line. The highlights include the softer edges of dress designs and coordinating the unique styles. They definitely represent mastery of cloth and layered styles well.
  • Trang Nguyen – Sleek silhouettes and chiffon are the signature for these designs. Classy and modern represent the styles that inspire luxurious lifestyles. Floral accessories also accentuate the line uniquely so you see elegance from head to toe.
Don't miss your chance at this experience of fashion destiny with Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort. Get your tickets today at Phoenix Fashion Week.  Stay connected for updates as the count down continues.

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