Saturday, September 7, 2013

On Top of the Polo World!!

Dominick's Steakhouse
If you love exotic cars, fashion, horses, and lifestyle the event to be at was the THIRD Annual Scottsdale Ferrari-Maserati Polo Championship Preview Party held at Dominick’s Steakhouse on Thursday, Sept. 5th.  The upstairs cocktail lounge and social area was an amazing backdrop to a very well attended event.  The highlights of the party were the guests of honor – the number one men’s polo player, Jeff Hall, and the number one women’s polo player, Sunny Hale.  Their passion about polo exuded from both of them as Polo has been a lifelong pursuit.  Jeff Hall said it best when he called Polo a lifestyle and not just a sport.

Left to Right - Jeff Hall, Denise Erickson, Sunny Hale
Jeff Hall is one of the most traveled players and has played in over 10 countries and so many tournaments, it was hard to come up with an exact number.  His most favorite place to play is Santa Barbara where he grew up.  Jeff’s knowledge and support of the polo industry is immense.  He shared about traveling with the horses nationally and internationally and training them.  Also we found out that his 2 1/2 year old son may someday follow in his footsteps.  He is looking forward to represent at the championship in November.  His continuing focus will be winning as much as possible and traveling to places such as Hong Kong for future events.

Sunny Hale is definitely a burst of energy and is a true advocate for paving the way for women in Polo.  She has been responsible for establishing a blueprint for other women to follow and truly enjoys the opportunity to represent as well as introduce polo to those who have not played before.   Like Jeff, the traveling, networking, and connections are major highlights of Sunny’s polo career.  Not only has Sunny paved the way for women, but she has established and founded the WCT (Women’s Championship Tournament) which along with another women’s league she formed, provides recognition of top women polo players from all over the world.  The WCT is dedicated to professionalism, good sportsmanship, and top-level tournament competition.

Nico, No 7 Print Campaign Men's Winner
The top polo players presence at this preview event and the upcoming championship represents the level of recognition the Third Annual Scottsdale Ferrari-Maserati Polo Championships: Horse+Horsepower has earned especially after last year having the biggest crowd for a one day polo event.  In addition to polo, the relationship with fashion is large especially because of the lifestyle aspect.  Phoenix Fashion Week partnered with the Championship last year and hosted one of the VIP tents.  So far this year, the tickets for the Volvo of Phoenix Lounge: presented by Phoenix Fashion Week  (Denise Erickson, from Volvo of Phoenix, pictured above & representing at party) are already sold out in what will evidently be another successful event in November.  Other representatives at the party included the No 7 Print Campaign Model winner, Nico, along with other models from Phoenix Fashion Week and Jani ModelManagement showing off the fashion styles of the polo lifestyle.
Phoenix Fashion Week representing at Scottsdale Polo Preview Party

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