Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The World of Olga M Designs

Right on the heels of their big 

reveal at Phoenix Fashion Week, the emerging 

designers are within days of their grande debut. 

One of the five accessory designers debuting at 

this year's Phoenix Fashion Week kindly 

welcomed me into 

her world. 

 I became quickly intrigued by designer Olga            

Medvedeva of Olga M Designs when I first met her at the PFW Shop Garment 

District sneek peak.

Olga designs cuffs, wraps, crowns all made from authentic ostrich feathers. Her unique calling is like no other.

Check out our convo:

    FFF - Define your brand/style?

OM - Welcome to Olga M Designs brand, where creativity is at its          luxurious best, where clients will find exotic and unique looks to accentuate  their style with beautifully feathered couture creations.  It will instantly  bring you to an elegantly dramatic level that is both glamorous and  exciting!

FFF - Did you have an interest in designing clothes as well?
      OM - Ever since I was a child, I have had sketchbooks where I would design                              glamorous gowns. My imagination is so vivid with lots of ideas!  


       FFF Where did you get the idea of using feathers in your creations?
        OM - In the early 2000's, my family and I spent some time living on a country farm,         raising peacocks and exotic pheasants.  Annually, all the birds naturally molted their           feathers after the breeding season, to make room for the new array of growing                   plumage.  I was loath to throw the feathers away and kept saving them until                       accumulating quite a collection. My father and friends noticed my interest in peacock         feathers and always   Pointed out anything to do with feathers.  The idea of sewing             them together gradually grew to what it is now. 
      As a child, I learned how to sew from my mother and was able to create some clothes.       My family is very artistic, so it is natural that I lean toward the creative side and always       busy making something with my hands.

FFF - Did you create things as a child?

OM - My best friend and I, when we were not even teenagers, created an art business  of painting murals.  It was quite successful.  We eventually received a contract from  the local school and later some stores also became interested in our art. 

FFF - Who is your greatest inspiration?
OM - My greatest inspiration are my family and friends.  

FFF - How have you grown during this  PFW experience?

       OM - Being a part of Phoenix Fashion Week       this year has been an amazing                               experience for me.  I have discovered and             learned tremendously over the last several             months working with the PHXFW team and         all the emerging designers. The                             knowledge pushes me forward in developing         my brand in this fashion world.

FFF - What has been your biggest challenge so far?
      OM - My biggest challenge so far is how to slow down time!!  There are so many               things to do and accomplish and so little time!

FFF - Have you made new connections amongst the other designers in future collaborations together?
      OM -  Swati from Atiz and I enjoy working together.  We have three Fashion Weeks         lined up where I provide her with my feathered accessories for her line.  She just               finished doing the Vancouver Fashion Week and after PHXFW in October, we are           doing the L.A. Fashion Week.  Very exciting!
      I am in touch with the other designers as well.  Who knows what the future will bring!

What are your future fashion goals for your brand?

  Ultimately, my vision is to have three lines:
   1.  Couture feathered accessories, which I am officially debuting at Phoenix Fashion Week on Oct 2-4 at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.  
   2.  Developing a luxurious clothing line of evening gowns adorned with a touch of  exotic feathers. 
   3.  Luxury Couture Feather Fashion where the design is fully embellished with feathers, as you can see by several designs I have already created, such as the Peacock coat.

FFF - What was the first piece you created?

 OM - The first object d'art that I created with feathers was a knee-length skirt.  For the front of the skirt I used golden feathers graduating into the peacock eye feathers toward the hemline.  In the back, I used royal blue feathers, also graduating into peacock eye feathers toward the hemline.  I titled that skirt, "Day and Night".  It's currently in a private collection.

FFF - What do you do in your free time?

      OM -  I forget what free time is!  When I do have some moments          to myself, I love read.  It's my guilty pleasure, besides                          chocolate!!


Olga is absolutely a wonderful person with wickedly amazing talents. It will be exciting to see her collaborations with the other emerging designers debuting at Phoenix Fashion Week. Many thanks to Olga Medvedeva for taking time out of her busy schedule to sit down with me. See you on the runway!

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