Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Look Into a RAW Artists Show

by Toy Taylor - I decided to step out last Thursday night to attend the latest RAW natural born artists showing at the Monarch Theatre in downtown Phoenix.  The RAW event is a gateway for artists of various artistic avenues to showcase their unique talents and originality. Again, this was my first RAW Artists event so my curiosity was peaked. For some strange reason, I was expecting a hair makeup and fashion show. Well, silly me! It was so much more. 

The show got started with the band iAm Jones heating 

up the stage with a bumping performance. They got the 

crowd ready for a great show. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Cheryl Dent was a big 

hit with her Candi 

accessory line. I was really digging her material 

wrapped  beaded necklaces. I wanted one in every 

color. Each necktie is

Cheryl Dent
hand beaded specifically for you. Cheryl was

absolutely adorable sharing her passion with 

the crowd.

It was a nice surprise seeing Jenesis 
Laforcarde's Woman's Touch Apparel on the catwalk. This young lady is busy busy busy. WTA's constant strive to empower women everywhere through her dynamic clothing line is remarkable.
Jenesis Laforcarde

Rapper Beatnic brought down the house. His performance had the crowd so engaged you almost felt like you were at his concert. Another RAW musical performer who sees sky's the limit.

4 Given Love Clothing line gave a strong yet humbling exhibition in the art of forgiveness. This brand stands to inspire others in changing the way we affect one another.

4 Given Love hopes to teach all the "ability to love someone beyond hurt...".  This 

message is a powerful insight into healing oneself.

Cherice Love and her sultry sexy backup dancers 

sizzled on stage. She sounded fantastic! Cherice 

came to put on a true performance. Her entire set
Cherice Love
was very well choreographed and executed. Once again, I was blown away by the performing talent in the show.

Andrea Perez line was elegant with an old world feel. Dresses were full of movement (perfect for runway). 

 I really liked the Tradiciones Dance Company with their 

ornate costuming. The head pieces with long feathers 

sticking out were jaw-dropping.

I was impressed they could dance without losing the head

pieces. The Egyptian inspired performance was quite unique.

Jalia 'Lia' Pettis

I was most excited to see 

Jalia 'Lia' Pettis on the 

runway. Lia, aka 

the Hazel Eyed Queen is 

a freelance makeup artist who comes loaded with a 

wide range of talent. Her knowledge of all realms 

of makeup artistry is astounding.

Her thinking outside the box designs were just that. To 

see her on the RAW Artist stage was inspiring.

Seeing fresh raw talent like this is ever inspiring to

keep striving for your dreams and keep moving 

forward. Great show!

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