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FashionsTo Help A New Life

Lead Singer The Optimystics
by Toy Taylor [RECAP] I love when I come across an organization who helps with the betterment of families in need. What I love even more are the people who come together collectively to share in the betterment of the families in need. I saw that at the Fashion For New Life Center 3 red carpet event. Held at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Litchfield, Arizona (yeah, give it up for the Westside!) the show benefited an incredible issue that needs awareness. Domestic violence. 

The New Life Center advocates for women and children fleeing domestic violence situations. At the New Life Center they will receive comprehensive care and counseling through programs with qualified professionals. Families receive help with everyday needs such as clothing, bedding and food seeing how many are fleeing their negative situation. The New Life Center is truly a safe haven for women and children.

Emcee Kim Covington

Lead Singer The Optimystics

With that said, established and aspiring designers, models, and local entertainment came together for one heck of a night of fashion. Here's the rundown on the runway...

SUITE JSG: What a super fun edgy line. Lots of 

glittery bling going on. I’m not sure of the material 

but the gold lume fabric was hot! The short sexy 

cocktail dresses were cut nice giving lots of 

movement while not clinging to the body. The 

shiny see-thru look was super sexy! It made for 

quite the stylish look. Not gaudy at all. The 

pant/shorts combo was the extreme avant garde 

look. Leather shrug to evening wear makes this 

fashion forward collection quite desirable.


This collection rocked 

one of my favorite 

colors on the 

runway…olive green. Rich, regal and delicious. The 

soft jacquard-like print set the 

tone just right. This brand screams femininity 

across the board. I would totally purchase every piece in this collection.

My favorite piece was the white dress with 

the yellow tulle skirt, and the best part is it has 

flower petals all over it. So stinkin' girly! I loved 


VSLZ FASHUN GROUP: Designer Amber Collins 

attests her clothing line is “glorifying God 

through fashion”. Praise was spoken loud and 

clear for all us fashionistas. Stylishly modern 

apparel that appeals to the everyday woman. 

Maxi dress with the high-waisted belt made the 

trendy look very 


It was comfy chic in a rich deep earthy tone. The use of mixed textures took this 

fashion forward line to new heights. The leather cutouts made me think of paper 

cutouts we did as a child. I love love LOVED the skull head wraps worn! They 

accentuated the look magnificently. This collection makes a statement loud and 


I have to give a serious shout out to the band The Optimystics for keeping the 

crowd grooving in their seats. It was pretty cool seeing a runway show set to live
music. This husband and wife duo was completely n’sync with one another. Even 

when the runway lagged they didn’t skip a beat. I would definitely hire them for my 

next event.

The beautiful Divine brought to the stage an expressively deep and prolific poetry. 

The spoken word is good anytime anywhere.

The models got the chance to work the catwalk in 

any way they wanted. Oh my did attitudes fly high. 

These ladies were WOR-KING IT! But the young lady 

who wowed the crowd was 14 yr old Miss Lyric 

Saylor. Her diva-like attitude blazed on the runway, 
Model Lyric Saylor

which earned her 

the ‘Best Walk”. I 

will keep my eye 

on Lyric Saylor. 

This will not be the last time we see 

her on the runway.

Brian Kohatsu

Comedian Brian Kohatsu entertained us with his off-the-cuff humor. He was pretty funny. He knew how to keep the crowd laughing.

Aspiring Designer winner Kathleen Tinkler

Karla Medina has found 

her path in the fashion 

mecca with her 



Large, colorful, uniquely-

shaped art for your

head. That’s the best way I can describe it. I saw 

chandelier style head piece that was simply jaw 

dropping. I'm seeing such a trend in head wear this 

year. I'm thinking it's a must-have addition to my 


Just beautiful.

Hues of Ego

It was an awesome surprise to see these 3 young 

designers again….

I know their lives have been quite busy since their 

Phoenix Fashion Week debut, so it was great 

seeing them again on the runway for such a 

worthy cause.

Hues of Ego

Natasha's Hues of Ego once again showed us 

what couture looks like on the runway. Bold, 

striking, unleashing of any inhibitions you may 

have. I love this collection!




Kismit gave the crowd fierce sexy-ness with her strong 

lines and body hugging pieces that craved our 

attention. Kismit's style is for that confident modern     

woman looking to make things happen. Hot collection!

Lillienne Lang

Lillienne Lang showed a much softer side of 

her line. The long empire waist gown was

simply ethereal. I felt a soothing flow as it 

graced the runway. I was quite impressed with 

the softer look all while keeping the European 

feel to it. Lillienne keeps

L. Lang
L. Lang
L. Lang

on challenging herself to reach higher and higher

Big hand clap to all 3 Phoenix Fashion Week 

L. Lang

What a great night of runway, especially when it is serving a good cause. The New 

Life Center will surely benefit from the packed house. Raffle prizes and the silent 

auctions were showing a lot of activity. I definitely look forward to seeing more 

from these designers in the future. Please take a moment and check out the New 

Life Center website. A little or a lot, everything helps. Enjoy!

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