Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kendra Scott Gives Back to Ryan House

Cindy Mero of Ryan House

What are two of my most favorite things to do…jewelry and shopping! So you know I was super excited to go to the Kendra Scott charity event raising money for Ryan House located in Central Phoenix.

Kendra Scott, located in the Scottsdale Quarter, is fun and uniquely designed jewelry. I love big chunky jewels that bling. This no-frills let’s-get-down-to-business kind of
jewelry store provides women (and those gift-buying husbands) affordable upscale jewelry. What ever the occasion may be, Kendra Scott will have a bauble or two to compliment your special look.
The staff was very welcoming and helpful when it came to choosing that right piece. I love their motto of try it on! We all felt quite girly trying on rings and necklaces and such. I already saw the cuff I’m going back to snag. They have a customized Color Bar

where you can pick the perfect color to go with whichever piece of jewelry you choose. I’ve never seen anything like it. You just tap away on the biggest flat
Color Bar TV

screen ever and design your own unique style. I had a blast! This concept is perfect for a bride and her special day. Having all of her bridal party matching with their customized Kendra Scott design would make any ensemble beautiful. Kendra Scott, based in Austin TX has over 15 locations throughout the Southwest and continues to grow. 

I spoke with Event Coordinator Alissa Dunn who shared the passion Kendra Scott has for giving back to the community. Organizations supporting women and

children are the core values that drive Kendra Scott to be a very philanthropic company. A Kendra Scott charity event gives back 20% of its proceeds. That's awesome for Ryan House

Director of Special Events and Marketing for Ryan House Cindy Mero chose to work with the retailer because of their giving nature. It's her passion for helping others in the community that draws non-profits to Kendra Scott.

I had the absolute pleasure in speaking with Ryan's mother,Holly Cottor. What a wonderful woman with a 
Grand Canyon-sized heart. 

In 2001, Ryan was formally diagnosed at 9 months with a degenerative neurological disorder. At the time, the Cottor family was living in London where they struggled to find appropriate care for their son. 

Holly Cottor
Around 16 months old, they found Helen House where Ryan and his family, including his brother, received family-focused respite care and support. Helen House was the first palliative care facility focused on caring for children with life-altering diagnosis. Once able to return to the States, Holly and Jonathan Cottor became committed to providing the same level of care and concern for Arizona families in need. 

The non-profit organization Ryan House was established in 2004. They also have partnered with Hospice of the Valley to increase the level of crucial support for all families. Ryan House strives to "provide respite and palliative care to children with life-threatening conditions and , as needed, end-of-life care". Holly Cottor takes the approach in palliative care as a "lifeline of hope". The team of professionals at Ryan House are always set in place to administer emotional, social, respite, and palliative care for their families. 

What a fun event for an even better cause. Please take a minute to check out the Ryan House website. Any help can and will make a difference.

Toy Taylor

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