Saturday, June 27, 2015

Blazing Curves Is Sizzling in the Arizona Heat

 It's been a long time since I have visited the old Grand Avenue area around 7th Ave to 15th Ave. This area has developed into an artists haven. I see art galleries, coffee spots even a few tattoo shops. I think there's a small theater or two around there. The colorful artwork along Grand Ave is a nice touch to revitalizing the old Phoenix neighborhood.

I had the pleasure of attending the meet and greet for Kathy Blaze Jefferson's Blazing Curves. This event was held at the (9) The Gallery on Grand Avenue. Despite it being "blazing hot" outside the gallery, the spot had a pretty cool vibe inside. The front of the gallery hosts all sorts of events. In the back is a coffee and tea spot with a cute intimate lounging area. I was digging it. The gallery was starting to fill up and the Blazing Curves models were getting anxious to make that walk. 

I want to give Kathy Blaze Jefferson a big hand clap for representing women with curves. Once taboo is now celebrated. Curvy women have finally made it to limelight, yeah! Her company Blazing Curves has given plus-curvy-thick-sized women a platform to showcase their talent. As a curvy chick myself, I
Photo provided by Blazing Curves
completely understand the need to show that curves are not a curse but a way of life. Not everyone can have a straight sized figure. The beauty in all of us comes in an array of shapes and sizes and colors. This is what makes the fashion world beautifully eclectic. 

Whether your are plus size or straight size all women want to feel beautiful and comfortable in the skin their in. I believe Blazing Curves has done just that. Ohhhh and I'm happy to announce that Blazing Curves has added some blazing men to the lineup. That will make just a few of us happy (winkwink). Thanks to the innovations of today's fashion designers, gone are the days of polyester pull-ons and ballooning pull-overs for plus size women and men. People with curves have been given a plethora of choices in the fashion industry. Full-figure fashion has become prettier, sexier, flattering, stylish, and down right couture-ish. 

Kathy J, as I like to call her, had some informative speakers who shared their journey and gave us some invaluable information. Self-worth, health and beauty wellness are vital to anyone's success.

Dr. Brenda Combs

Dr. Brenda Combs has a story so empowering I get chills when I hear her speak. Surviving homelessness for 10 years on the hot streets of Phoenix, Dr. Combs was able to make a life-altering change in her life for the grace of good. One particular incident gave her the strength and courage to rise above her plight. No longer homeless to helping others. To read more on Dr. Combs endearing story please visit her page. Fascinating woman!

Jalia Pettis

Jalia Pettis founder of 3Jay Productions is a certified makeup artist entrepreneur whose passion for beauty makes her one of the busiest women I know. Jalia's education and knowledge has lead her to a career that spans from the west coast to the east coast. This hazel eyed queen brings a complete package when it comes to planning that special event. To get the full extent of 3jay Productions, please visit her website.

Ketonya Bankston

Model Ketonya Bankston founder of Style Stalkers is a motivating model, makeup artist and educator whose entrepreneurial skills have empowered women through her own struggles as an African American model trying to make it in the modeling world. Well, let's just say she has arrived. Ketonya stance is...stay true to yourself. I you boo-boo. She is a beautiful woman inside and out. Please visit her blog to learn more about this remarkable woman.

Katina Ramirez

BC model Katrina Ramirez performed an original song specifically for Blazing Curves. This talented young lady is full of surprises. I guess she can add songwriter to her list of accomplishments.

Katrina R and Kathy J

Blazing Curves has bridged a platform of confidence and self worth to bring another level of beauty to the curvy world. Kudos to you, Kathy Blaze Jefferson!

See you on the runway!

~Toy Taylor

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