Monday, June 22, 2015

Debuting the 2015 Phoenix Fashion Week's Emerging Designers and the Top 40 Models

Executive Director Brian Hill
Coverage Perspective Written by:  Toy Taylor

Finally, it is here! The day that many of us have been patiently anticipating...the debut of Phoenix Fashion Week's emerging designers and the new set of hotness with the top 40 models. Oh my, are they truly the land of the pretty people or what! When I got to the Livewire venue, I was like "Okay Mr. Hill. I see Phoenix Fashion Week is stepping it up a notch". This was my first time here and I loved the setup. I felt like the whole place was VIP seating.  The lounge seating upstairs was especially quite posh. Kudos to Livewire

The ambiance was all dimmed lighting and good tunes playing in the background.  The style villa was up and running. Woman's Touch Apparel founder Jenesis Laforcarde was there representing her brand and Custom Kreations AZ. Also in the style villa are the 2015 Accessory Designers TJ Jewelry Designs, Beltshazzar Jewels, and Maccimize. Ugh, why did I have to cruise through the villa! 

me and  model Tirion Harrison
Oh well, I love the new pieces I picked up. 
I had the opportunity to meet this young man Tirion Harrison at runway event. Can I just say he is just as cute as can be! He keeps me laughing, hence the photo. He brings such a good spirit with him inside and out. I suspect that Mr. Tirion has a  BRIGHT modeling future ahead of him. 

Aspiring model Eairauna Hinton had a few head-turning moments herself. This 5'10 beauty is striving to take her place in the world of  runway. Watching the Top 40 take the catwalk gave Miss Hinton the ambitious desire to flourish in the fashion world.

Last year's top 40 models Victoria Mohrman and LaMark Bell walked the runway for Hues of Ego and Medium Apparel. They both looked fierce...Oops I let it the surprise out! Yes, you heard it correct! There are 4 emerging designers returning to the runway this season. Hues of Ego, Medium Apparel, Charmosa Swimwear, and  the ever sweet Michelle Hebert.

This is excitingly crazy to see these emerging designers with their Phoenix Fashion Week experience compete with the new emerging designers. I expect the knowledge they already have will encourage the others into bumping up their game. This year's program proves to be quite interesting with new little twists thrown in the mix. All designers will go through the intense laborious boot camp training that will instill the necessary knowledge needed in branding and promoting their line. One of these lucky fashion designers will be named 2015 Designer of the Year. Yikes!

So here's a lineup of this year's emerging designers and their contact info to make it easier for you to follow them on this wondrous journey:



Cute Like Mad

Haute Body®

Hues of Ego

Laura Tanzer

Leola Sky

Leola Sky

                            Lousy Rich

Medium Apparel Co.


                  Michelle Hebert



Michi Knitwear

Headshot Winners
Jesus and Shivi

The top 40 models were competing for best male and best female headshot winner. Over the next few months, the models will be going through their own set of challenges. This year's winners for best headshot are Jesus Rojas and Shivi Singh.

If any of these emerging designers have caught your eye please follow them on Facebook or Twitter. I'm sure they would appreciate it. With Arizona fashion steadily on the rise our Phoenix Fashion Week emerging designers and accessory designers deserve full community support. 

See you on the runway!
~ Toy Taylor

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