Monday, October 5, 2015

The Finale--Phoenix Fashion Week

Toy Taylor [RECAP] - I'm sad it's all over. This season's Phoenix Fashion Week soiree came to a glorious end at the Talking Stick Resort this past Saturday night. This show ended on such a high note, I could still feel the energy of the crowd as they headed to the after party.

Showing Saturday night on the runway were 4 emerging designers who were looking to score the title of Couture Designer of the Year.  I expected some significant changes with a few of these designers and I'm proud to say my prediction of the winner was spot on. After naming the Designer of the Year, there would be 4 well-established designers who I hoped would bring an innovative runway performance. I was very pleased.

To add another twist to the program, Phoenix Fashion Week added a Peoples Choice Award naming a fourth designer of the year. Well your going to have read a little further to find out the results. 


ASMARA ASEFA - Architecturally infused fashion for the artist in you. Accessorized by Beltshazzar Jewels

The eye patch was

simple yet a made 

powerful statement.

LEOLA SKY - Extremely wearable fashion for the young and stylish. Accessorized by Maccimize

HUES OF EGO - For the modern woman looking to 

make a statement. Accessorized by Clutch Jewelry

MICHELLE HEBERT - One word....Ethereal. Accessorized by Clutch Jewelry

Kudos to each accessory designers of Beltshazzar Jewels, Totah Designs, and Maccimize. They kept the collections looking hot with some of the most amazing baubles to adorn the runway.

 Congratulations to Maccimize for winning Accessory Designer of the Year.


DESIGN ME - Stand 

up and take notice 

type of fashion


GLEN PLAID - Stylish mens wear for the serious man

ALBERT ANDRADA - Avant garde at its finest

Albert Andrada

ROCKY GATHERCOLE - Striking. Awe inspiring. Powerful.

Rocky Gathercole


Natasha Duran Lynch 

Natasha Duran Lynch tagline reads "unmask a bolder you". Well, ladies and gents that is exactly what Hues of Ego did. From last year's fashion week, Hues of Ego has soared to new heights taking the vast knowledge from the Phoenix Fashion Week bootcamp very serious. And that is how you land on top.

At the end of the night all guests quickly headed over to the ballroom for the crowning of the top male and female model. The will each have the title of Model of the Year and a contract with the Agency Arizona. Check out the pretty people below...


So now comes the somber moment which leaves me wanting more...C'est la vie. I am so ready for next year. The Chronic Behavior team wants to give a be congratulations and great job to all 13 emerging designers. Each one of you have shown your own individual style while bringing a cohesive collection to the runway. 

Thanks definitely goes to Brian Hill, Executive Director, and his amazingly fantastic team for this year's phenomenal runway show. See you all at the 2016 show!

Evening Designer of the Year
Lifestyle Designer of the Year
Charmosa Swimwear

Peoples Choice Award
Lily V Designs



Couture Designer of the Year
Hues of Ego

See you on the runway!

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Thanks to the Chronic Behavior team and Kate Doster Photography for their excellent coverage of the event. They are the team helping to support and promote the brand. We appreciate you for your continued support.

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