Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dark Dignity Indiegogo Campaign - Week 2 Update

Thank you again to our week 1 supporters of Dark Dignity Film :D
Check out this special video with highlights and special messages from cast and crew!! They are pretty darn amazing :D - Sandy Kim, Shellie Ulrich, Melissa Ann Marie Farley, Michelle Y. Allen, Kim A. Huenecke, Carol Gibson, Andres Galindo, Alexzander Rogers, Lauren Hall, Daniel Blunck, Brian Osback, Rae Damon, Karen Frey Sundt, Nile Popchock #actor #actorslife #filmmakers #indie

"Our mission is to create compelling films with strong, female characters, showcasing Southwest talent, in front of and behind the camera, to a global audience. Go to our Indiegogo Campaign to support: