Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's All About Style

Men's Fashion - Fashion Memories from the Big Game in 2015…(recap)

January 2015 was a phenomenal month for fashion in Arizona.  The month was filled with events and shows almost the entire two weeks prior to the Super Bowl.  One of the best shows was held at The W in Scottsdale - Suits & Sneakers show presented by Elevee Lifestyle and Percy Knox who is the designer and styles the shows with the assistance of Phoenix Fashion Week.  What made this show even better was the involvement of the professional football players in town representing their teams for the Pro Bowl as well as the Big Game.  You couldn't plan a more enjoyable, entertaining, and over the top event.  The house was full at The W and the red carpet was amazing.  

The Suits and Sneakers show is traveling this year to San Francisco to be presented before he 2016 Big Game. We expect that show to be over the top as well and as enjoyable.  We've selected some photos to highlight the event.  

Click here for some Suits and Sneakers 2016 Event Info

You can see the entire album here at this link - 2015 Suits & Sneakers Fashion Show Pictures - all photos taken and provided by Jam Sani Photography.

Fashion Season has started in my world…

This month was the introduction of the Spring into Style Stylists that will be showing their trend selections for spring this year in the March 12th Fashion Show hosted by Phoenix Fashion Week.  

The selections and respective Stylist are listed below.
PLAID -> Style Stalkers 
METALLICS -> Ristyle Consulting 
WHITE SHIRT -> Nuvia Magdahi 
LINGERIE -> Livintage Apparel 
GREEN -> Tim Boado

Spring is one of my most favorite shows of the year as this will actually be held two days after my official birthday, so I will be in celebration mode.  

Visit - http://www.springintostyle2016.eventbrite.com/ to get your tickets now before they sell out. I’ll be covering the event so catch up with me for an interview.


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