Thursday, August 11, 2016

Shop Garment District...The Phoenix Fashion Week Way

It seems every time I turn around I come across another really cool hotel. The Moxy Tempe which is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the ASU campus,in my opinion, is the cool-est and hip-est boutique-y hotel that is rich with so much swag you can't help being drawn in. 
They have a chalkboard wall. You hear me...A CHALKBOARD WALL! Made my inner child happy. 
And step up to the friendly bar to order a yummy cocktail AND check in all at the same time.
Gets no better than that. You can tell I was impressed. Ok, enough on me getting giddy about The Moxy Tempe. Why was I there? Phoenix Fashion Week's Shop Garment District popped up there giving all fashionistas the time of our lives. 

Here we could get a closer look at the emerging designers and accessory designers and what their brand was really about. Shop Garment was quite intimate this year. Executive Director Brian Hill and his fabu team turned a single room into a mini shopping mecca. We had
Executive Director Brian Hill
resort fashion from Isy B (who has a smile that lights up the entire room) just as you walked in which was very welcoming. Every designer had their own shop going and let me tell you, it was busy. 
Even Phoenix Fashion Week had their own pop up shop buzzing. 

Shoppers, bloggers, photogs, you name it, we were all in there. This is what Phoenix Fashion Week does best. Successfully bringing media and fashion together to create a beautiful balance in all cultures of this industry. I have found many designers do not enjoy being in the spotlight, even though they may see the importance of being in that spotlight. But I have a feeling the emerging designer bootcamp works on that. 

With all this shopping and mingling going on, it was sure to be a successful night. And yes, I snagged a little something. 

The buzz from partygoers are loving the looks and can't wait to see the collections on the runway. 

Time to a take seat!

First up....

Phoenix Fashion Week decided to celebrate the U.S. Olympics in a fashionably Red, White, and Blue salute on the runway. 



Aconav                                        Accessorized by
IG - @aconav                                  Shanks Shoeware


Amanda Casarez                                              Accessorized by                           
IG - @amanda.casarez                     Monica Mauro

Barbara Bultman                          Accessorized by
IG - @barbara_bultman                    Shanks Shoeware

IG -  

Emily Smith Designs                     Accessorized by
IG - @mowabyemilysmith                 Shanks Shoeware

Marisa Mike                               Accessorized by
IG - @marisamike                        Rhinestones and Relics/
                                                      Shanks Shoeware

IG - @theforgivenlove 

Isy B.                                          Accessorized by
IG - @IsyBdesign                            Rhinestones and Relics

Laura Tanzer                                Accessorized by
IG - @lauratanzer                           Rhinestones and Relics   

MXN Fashion                               Accessorized by
IG - @mxnfashionhouse                   Shanks Shoeware

Ricci JVR                                     Accessorized by 
IG - @riccijvr                                  Rhinestones and Relics


Monica Mauro Designs 
IG - @monicamaurodesigns

Rhinestones and Relics 
IG - @rhinestonesandrelics 

Shanks Shoeware 
IG - @shanksshoeware 

The Phoenix Fashion Week Top 40 Models are in constant competition for male and female Model of the Year. They have challenges throughout the season that they must complete and nab themselves a winner. This night's challenge was a print challenge for four (4) categories. 

And the winners are:

Cierra Blankenship - Color Pop
Faith Williams (L) - FURocious

Andreas Oppitz - Olympic
Nicholas Murray - Royalty

You now have a deeper sense of style for which these emerging designers are rooted.The time has come for each emergent to step the competitiveness up a notch. The next time we see these collections on the runway, I expect there will be some jaw-dropping moments. Let's catch up at the big shindig on October 13-15.

See you on the runway,

Love from the Runway...

Presented by   @chronicbehavior

Thanks to the Chronic Behavior team and Andrea Anderson of Epifani Studios for their excellent coverage of the event. They are the team helping to support and promote the brand. We appreciate you for your continued support.


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