Tuesday, October 10, 2017

ACONAV Wins Couture Designer of the Year at Phoenix Fashion Week 2017

Loren Aragon, Designer/Owner, ACONAV LLC, runway Phoenix Fashion Week 2017

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Loren Aragon
Designer/Owner, ACONAV LLC


Acoma Pueblo Fashion Brand Recognized as Designer of the Year on Acclaimed Southwest Runway

Phoenix, AZ (October 10, 2017) – For the first time in Phoenix Fashion Week’s 9 year history, a Native American owned fashion brand took top honors as the 2018 Couture Designer of the Year. On the night of October 7th the Phoenix based fashion brand ACONAV, rose among global talents to be the first in the Native fashion community to receive the coveted title. ACONAV owner and designer, Loren Aragon, clinched the prize Saturday night after an unforgettable display of culturally fueled fashion that included contemporary dance and timeless, elegant designs on the runway.

ACONAV brings Acoma Pueblo art and culture into the spotlight with luxury designs that tie cultural ideas and beliefs with modern silhouettes. “It’s a great honor to represent my people on this fashion stage and bring an awareness to the rich culture that still resonates from a deep-rooted ancestry.” explained Aragon. Fifteen emerging designers showed at Phoenix Fashion Week. These designers were selected by the Phoenix Fashion Week organization from over 300 global applicants earlier this year. The organization teaches promising brands how to succeed in the fashion industry in real time. The title is awarded to the designer who proves a gained knowledge in the business of fashion, through an accumulation of points in a rigorous four month ‘bootcamp’. Aragon demonstrated his knowledge in addition to presenting a unique branding, based on his cultural heritage and a display of his innovative designs. “I am proud of the detailed work and cultural vision of designer Loren Aragon, his brand ACONAV is our new 2018 Designer of the Year, big things are soon to follow,” said Brian Hill, Executive Director, Phoenix Fashion Week.

Aragon continues to bring Native American fashion to the forefront by making his brand a recognizable name in the southwest. “ACONAV is just a small representation of the greater Native fashion community,” tells Aragon. “I truly hope this achievement inspires more of my fellow Native designers to bring more recognition to who we are.” The title brings more exposure for ACONAV as well as a $10,000 valued prize package of goods and services to help the success of the brand. More opportunities lie ahead for Aragon and his team. Fans and followers of ACONAV look forward to what comes next. For more about ACONAV, visit www.aconav.com.

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ACONAV is a Native American owned & operated couture fashion brand, based in Phoenix, AZ. The brand celebrates the strength and empowerment of women through positive expressions in designs that tie Native American culture to modern style. The brand’s purpose is to properly and respectfully represent a part of Native America in fashion. ACONAV is a representation of a people, their story, and its culture. The goal of ACONAV is to be recognizable & reliable entity in the fashion industry, while working to establish meaningful relationships with groups and individuals in fashion and the greater community. For more about ACONAV, visit: www.aconav.com

Phoenix Fashion Week is the leading fashion industry event in the Southwest. The organization’s mission is to bridge the gap between national and international designers and premier retailers and top fashion media. Phoenix Fashion Week’s ultimate goal is to garner global exposure for Arizona’s fashion industry. Through educational fashion seminars, year-round fashion events, and charitable partnerships, Phoenix Fashion Week is gaining rapid acclaim for its community-service efforts and for infusing world-class innovation into the Southwest. For more information, visit: www.phoenixfashionweek.com

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