Saturday, October 14, 2017

Opening Night at Laughlin International Film Festival

by Toy Taylor

There was a great crowd at Stadium 9 Cinemas in Laughlin NV at this year's Laughlin International Film Festival (LIFF). 

The 4-day event brings over 100 

films, short films, and documentaries 

to the big screen.  

Chronic Behavior will be hosting on the red carpet in addition to conducting 

"Interviewing 101" 

workshop for the youth filmmakers and any one who needs a refresher on the subject.

Many of the filmmakers stepped out on the red carpet on opening night. But the two that stood out the most was Writer/Director Ari Gold and brother Composer Ethan Gold. Their film opened the festival with a bang.

Directed by Ari Gold
Music by Ethan Gold

Myself, Ari Gold (c) Ethan Gold (r)

Red carpet interview with Eva Louis

This film hits you with so many "life-truths"
    • loss of a child
    • loss of a parent
    • loss of a spouse
    • suicide
    • abandonment

Which may sound quite dark, but we're here to tell you it is not. We were first captivated by the scenery of the lake and the lake home. We weren't aware of the beauty that lies in upstate New York. It was simply mesmerizing. The story takes us back to the past by way of intoxicating our senses with "old" photographs, historical memories of wartime era, and a huge fave is the vast array of vinyl albums. Perfectly aligned in every scene. 

Ollie played by Rory Culkin was fabulous in conveying Ollie's love/hate emotional rollercoaster for the "old time" music. 

The tempo for the film was music of Cole Porter-types that make your insides smile from the innocence of the sound. 

A big kudos goes to Ethan Gold for the original score The Song of Sway Lake. Truly amazing! 


"A young record collector, haunted by his father's suicide, brings a bombastic Russian drifter to his family's lake house, to help him steal a one-of-a-kind record from his own grandmother. But the vision of two women - one young, one old - distracts the young men from their mission. "The Song of Sway Lake" is the story of the melody that haunts those who idealize a lost America."

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