Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fashion Rules the Runway!!!

From the district to burlap to couture, the runway last Friday included it all.  Degree 270 at Talking Stick Resort, home of Phoenix Fashion Week 2012, hosted an energetic and most stylish event full of the hustle and bustle of fashionistas, photographers, designers, artists, models, sponsors and all the fans of fashion.  The vibe is incredible at these events as everyone is vying for the best position in the house to experience the visual display of textures, lights, accessories, splashed colors and the most perfectly designed beings to represent the best of the best.  

Being part of runway is a prestigious honor and with the designers in house this year, it’s more like having royalty around as the court they hold now seems cannot be compared to others.  The models selected represented beyond outstanding and their involved presence was evident throughout the entire night.  Diversity, boldness, chic, elegance, creative, classy, comfortable were weaved throughout and arranged as part of the fiery but posh exhibition for this year’s show.  Noted here is a compelling overview of the designers and what is going to make this year’s final decision in October incredibly difficult: (See Photos for Designs )

Paulie Gibson
Ofra Styles
Italia Rocks Couture
Eye Thread
ENVY by Khanh

  1. Bri Seeley – displayed incredible free flowing forms that allowed for that elegant and gentle movement with a softness one could not refuse.
  2. ENVY by Khanh – as evident from the original showing, the boldness and daring geometric cuts brought out an edgy yet lovely form fitting and flattering choice, which has to be a staple in everyone’s closet…
  3. EYE Thread – full of styling and balance, their designs fit so naturally the presentation was complete
  4. Italia Rocks Couture –burst in with such an example of precious majestic silhouetted glamour that whisked one away to another land where princesses only live
  5. JHaus – evolved texture to a new level and made practical inspirational and stunning with the range of style from short to gown, nothing short of spectacular
  6. Living Dreams – nothing can replace a well-dressed man but one that can live the dream too, swoon as its too good to be true
  7. Ofra Style – is setting a trend in bringing the house down with more colorful flow and comfortable lines that you could wear everywhere, why wouldn’t you have a design or two
  8. Paulie Gibson – there was a mystic darkness that was shown through these contrasting pattern and color designs which offered an exotic appeal, definitely excitable
  9. Samantha Patterson – complementary color matching and sensible textures present these designs to be attractive and swanky
  10. Sew Twisted Designs – the boldness and the classic mix created a stunning sultry and sexy arrangement
  11. Shawl Dawls – with the Dawls in the house the options are endless and the breezy styles showed a more simple but provocative look that could make you melt in a good way
  12. Suzanne Lay – demonstrated a high class uptown look and with the color contrast exuded classy confidence which was amazing.
Bri Seeley
Shawl Dawls

Living the Dream
Suzanne Lay
Sew Twisted Designs
Samantha Patterson

                                         Living without fashion is not an option and to have the opportunity to not only experience but take part of a legacy that is being built around talents and gifts these amazing designers have is nothing short of grandiose.  Until next time…live it, breathe it, and be it…fashionable!!!

P.S. The bonus to all of this was the amazing VIP swag bag – can you say over the top….PHXFW just keeps getting better and better.   Phoenix Fashion Week did a fabulous coordination of offerings and products that would leave anyone completely flattered and honored to have received.  Jewelry, designer wear, accessories, and fashionable makeup and hair products…what more could a girl ask for…

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