Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fashionista Dreams in Style, Designer Article Series, Part 1

Fashion is not just a word or a description or a piece of clothing or an event.  For many it is life…and a way of life.  I have the extraordinary opportunity to share with you, a little part of something bigger than just an industry.  This article series is being written to allow you a sneak peek into the lives of some of designers that are part of the 2012 Phoenix Fashion Week.  The interviews comprise of candid discussions and questions asked of the designers and my interpretation of their answers.   The write-up will be a summary of the conversation.

Bri Seeley can be described as classic, quality, and fashionable.  All of these descriptions are exactly what she portrays in her designs as well as branding.  Her desire to create fashion and design started back to her earliest memories of when her Grandmother taught her how to sew.  There was no specific starting point or deciding point on her path, it was just always known to Bri that she would be in fashion.  Her first major design project turned out to be her Junior Year Prom Dress which comprised of Silver Satin, a train and off shoulder or one shoulder design she had professionally made.  When starting out, Bri realized that through just jumping in and sewing her creations was the easiest way to determine what worked and what didn’t.  Mistakes were part of the process to design and improve the designs.  From design to creation, Bri’s experience defines a six to eight week process and potentially more where custom designs come into play.

Bri’s idea of quality consists of two major items that she looks for immediately – 1) fabric content of the best quality and 2) construction quality in how the design is made.  Her favorite fabrics revolve around silk, cotton, and rayon.  Besides quality, the areas that matter most to Bri as a fashion designer are the items being made/manufactured completely in the USA and that the garments are designed to reflect femininity.  In Bri’s design practices, she absolutely would rather go straight to sewing a design and figuring out the appropriate modifications to make it work versus sketching out the entire design first.  Bri attributes gaining some of the best experience from her schooling and work abroad in Italy.  Two years of education and experience in Florence, Italy helped to shape Bri’s thought process and eventual decision to design in the manner she does.  Advice she wanted to share for up and coming designers just breaking into the industry is the importance of networking.  It is often times, not only what you know but who you know that can actually help make the difference in getting your brand recognized.

The inspiration for many of the designs comes from nature and historical vintage fashion.  Through this, the intent of the line is to really reflect the quality, classic looks, and then designs which are outside of the trends and stand uniquely on their own as well as being able to cross seasons and last for multiple years.  Including the fabrics of silk, cotton, and rayon, wool ends up being one of the other favorite fabrics she loves to use in the designs.  Her creations are art and she is truly an artist with a blank canvas when she starts to develop her designs.   Bri’s passion comes across strong and vivid with that feminine side being a uniquely embellished to make you appreciate the movements she creates in all her designs.
One cannot deny that Bri’s clothing line is special and she is going to create waves on the runway.  Looking forward to seeing more of the designs and having the opportunity to highlight and bring exposure to the Bri Seeley brand.

Photography by Shawn Kinney

Website: , Twitter:  @BriSeeley

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