Sunday, February 7, 2016

'The State of the Union A-dress', Fashion in Arizona

2016 so far has shown me that many individuals are hustling and making a scene, in a good way that is.  We cover transformations and focus on artists of all types.  I was able to attend a meeting related to the 'State of the Union A-dress' highlighting the facts of the fashion industry and some of its leaders as it relates to presence, organization, commitments, development, and future.  Within the last three years, there are have enormous leaps and bounds in several areas of fashion and it was good to hear some history about one of the individuals working for the last 15 years to make a change and evolve the industry here in Arizona.  

There are many unsung heroes that are making a difference that you would never know about because worlds do not collide that often in certain industries.  However, I must exclaim this year, I am seeing individuals leap from one industry to another and bridge gaps that are now causing the merging of philosophies, systems, communications, exposure, and awareness of what more people are doing.

Two such individuals that have come together to make a difference are Amelia Walsh, President of Diego Milano (located in Scottsdale, New York, Milan) and Angela Johnson, Creator & Founder of labelhorde (located in Arizona).  Both of them had a chance to speak today and share their vision, what they've done to contribute to the industry footprint of fashion, and what their ideas and dreams are for the future.  They have opened up their diaries and their doors to their life in business and put their foot down to say they are in this with those who have a desire to grow an industry to be viable, supportive, expansive, and focused on sustainability.  labelhorde is located in the Sew Haus of Diego Milano.  You can find out more about what's coming by subscribing and connecting to the labelhorde newsletter.  They are looking for community support,  volunteers, and fashion individuals to check out their services.  To be listed in the labelhorde fashion directory, just go to the website and sign-up.  To have a basic listing is FREE. Yes, I said free.  You'll want to upgrade to the standard listing however because the benefits are so good!!  Check out the details below for more information on Diego Milano and their fabulous Sew Haus.  

I could go on and on about everything they talked about, but because they are becoming more and more technology savvy, they actually videoed the presentation and will have it available on-line.  I'd rather you hear their story and vision straight from them, you will get it.  Both are giving back to the community.  They have both put skin in the game and made investments for the long term.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I have mad respect for the hustle and the tenacity these women have.  Obstacles and challenges I am positive have been part of their daily life.  Their deliberate programming and planning and decisions not to move forward fast and to make sure their foundation is solid at every step is evident in their development and how they work with others.  They are smart and strategic in every area realizing that adjustments have to be made along the way, but willing to also take specific chances that will more than likely bring incredible gains as the momentum builds and boy is it building.

I'm excited to see what happens over the next year.  Every month it seems a new announcement is coming from these groups, so keep your eyes posted for more news to share.  

Amelia Walsh, Diego Milano
From Diego Milano Website: "Amelia Walsh is the President of Diego Milano. Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ at the factory and showroom of DM, she leads the team throughout the design and development process for the collection. With a background in all things fashion and an eduction in fashion design and business, Amelia has helped DM establish their roots in the valley of the sun. Her editing eye and keen sense of marketing helps drive Diego Milano’s vision as a disruptive denim force to be reckoned with."

Sew Haus, Scottsdale, AZ
About:  An exclusive, luxury denim collection inspired by rock and roll, designed with pure sophistication. A true art form.

What makes a denim line unique? Combining an eclectic, worldly, rock n’ roll founder, a chic designer and a team of brilliant artisans.  Using the beau monde in fabric and supplies each pair is handcrafted in trend-setting Scottsdale, Arizona.

Today, Diego Milano stands out in the often-predictable luxury denim market with its combination of rebellious, Rock n Roll edge, incredibly sophisticated construction and utterly unique designs. An exceptionally innovative brand, they surprise us with provocative seams, intricate pleats and washes that have never before been seen on denim. The attention to detail is impeccable. Designed in New York, the highest quality, incredibly luxurious materials and sensuously sleek hardware are transformed by our designers to create these works of art. The first sketch to the final fitting is a mesmerizing, alluring and magical process.
 The Diego Milano brand has mastered the art of making one feel special. These exclusive luxurious jeans change how you feel inside. They exude confidence, pleasure, power, and an exceptionally iconic personality. One doesn't just wear these jeans they experience them.

The brands philosophy encompasses incomparable aesthetics and a truly conscious commitment to philanthropy. Diego Milano donates a large portion of their profits to help children remain in school, and stay out of the shackles of child labor worldwide. Forced to work in awful conditions in sweatshops and clothing factories around their country. The funds are invested in re-building and providing quality education to these children.

Handcrafted, each pair of jeans is made with meticulous care and passion. Alterations and custom modifications are included in your investment (limitations apply). The Diego Milano brand has taken luxury denim to a whole new level.

Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson is a fashion designer, fashion educator, Arizona fashion industry leader and insider, fashion business consultant and fashion show coordinator with 17 years in the fashion industry. Her “Angela Johnson” clothing line is an award winning, eco-friendly line best known for its elaborately constructed “T-shirt Ballgowns” and other garments made from “thrifted” and recycled T-shirts.

labelhorde, Scottsdale, AZ
About:  LabelHorde is a directory of fashion businesses operating outside of typical fashion industry cities. It is a place for fashion businesses to network, collaborate and share resources.

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