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Battle Royale With Cheese Needs You

Our good friends from Bristol, England need a little help!!  I'm sharing their story to see if you might consider helping our collaborators from Europe!!  Let's spread the love worldwide, can we? Lets...

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We’re the film website with the memorable name that needs your help to redesign the site!  

(and we are one of the Top 10 UK Film Blogs!)

Our Story.

Let’s go back in time - way back to 2008 when was created as a film review and feature website for anyone who loved watching and talking about films.  The aim - to cover it all: cinema releases, indie flicks, documentaries and online shorts - we’ll take a look.
We’ve continued to grow from one person writing and a handful of mates visiting the site, to 12 regular contributors, over 25k unique visitors a month, more than 5k Twitter followers and 1k Facebook fans.  We’ve just launched on Instagram and we have an iOS app - check to out.
Add to the mix monthly FiLMiXes hosted on our SoundCloud and (every second month) Vimeo pages.  These are 30min mixes with a film weaved in.  Over 19k have enjoyed those.

Some of the BRWC Team:

Alton Williams 
Alton loves film. He started this here blog a few years back as a bit of fun, but has grown into what you see today.  Some of the films he loves are Rear Window, Superman 2, The Man With The Two Brains, Clockwise, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Trading Places, Stir Crazy and Punch-Drunk Love.
Pablo D’Stair 
Pablo D’Stair is a novelist, essayist, and interviewer.  Co-founder of the art house press KUBOA, he is also a regular contributor to the Montage: Cultural Paradigm (Sri Lanka). His current ongoing prose project 'cigarette miscellany' can be found
Natalie Jane
Natalie has always been a film lover since she can remember. Watching anything from comedies to thrillers its all an adventure for her.  Having been an extra on film and stage Natalie loves the buzz of it all.  Her favourite films amongst many are Fight Club, Bridesmaids and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (as a whole) to name but a few.  And if she's not enjoying time watching films you'll always see her listening to music with a kindle in her hand. 
Ben Gummery 
Ben started out as a Technology blogger before branching out into writing about Film & TV. An obsessive fan of indie film & dark comedies you will probably find him waxing lyrical about the movies of Kevin Smith, The Coen Brothers, Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino. He also loves to discover cult, low-budget indie gems that no-one has heard of. Favourite films include Clerks, Dogma, From Dusk Till Dawn, Pulp Fiction, Office Space, Shallow Grave & Blood Simple. Find more of his writing at his own blog IndieMacUser.
Daryl Bar 
Regular type person by day, film vigilante by night. Spent years as a 35mm projectionist and now he gets to watch and wax lyrical about all manner of motion pictures. Daryl has got a soft spot for naff Horror and he’d consider Anime to be his kryptonite. For the record, he would probably live in The Prince Charles Cinema if his wife would let him.  Reviewed every film he’s seen since May 29th 2012. It’s not a boast, it’s a sickness. Top 5 films are currently Top Hat (1935), Alien (1979), Cinema Paradiso (1988), Fight Club (1999) and Super (2010).
Alex Cole 
Films, games, Godzilla and Scott Pilgrim; these are the things that Alex loves. As he tries to make use of the fact he’s always staring at a screen or a book, you’ll hopefully be treated to some good reviews along the way (though he doesn’t promise anything).  
Some of his favourite films are; O Brother Where Art Thou, 50/50, Cool Runnings, Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies, , The Fighter, A Story of Yonusuke, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and Godzilla: The Final Wars.
Last Caress 
Lived in or around Basildon in Essex all his life, and at 43 years of age he can best be described as an "ageing punk".  Enjoys a wide range of musical styles but generally his tastes skew towards the loud and aggressive. Likes to read Stephen King, HP Lovecraft and similar. Also enjoys despairing at the WWE alongside his wonderful young son and fretting over the tenuous fortunes of West Ham United, but what he enjoys most is film. And his appreciation for the classics hasn't refined his palate whatsoever. The Dekalog sits right alongside The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie on his shelf. He’s tolerated and supported through his obsessions, quirks and eccentricities every step of the way by his wife, who is also his best friend, his soul mate, and his Princess.
Ben Hooper
Having previously written for Junxion17 and the Big Issue, Ben is now a film PR & Marketing Manager.  When he's not watching or working on movies, Ben plays guitar in his band Ghosts As Alibis.

A Shiny New Website.

We need a sleeker, sharper website.  We want to update the website and make it the place you want to spend time checking on the commute to work, downtime at work or just your nightly read.  We want it to be the website with the memorable name and awesome content that works on mobiles, tablets as well as computers.

What We Need.

We at BRWC love everything film related: interviews, reviews, features...  
We’ve covered so many festivals too.  Name drop time: The London, Polish, Jewish, Asian, Leeds and Edinburgh Film Festivals.  We’ve interviewed actors and directors like Liam Neeson, Christopher Ecclestone, Kevin Allen, and Naji Abu Nowa.  The latter is nominated for a BAFTA and Academy Award this year for THEEB.  Oh and yes, we were invited to the World Premiere of season 5 of Game Of Thrones!
Yep, we’re doing pretty well.  
We could do even better with your help!
All we need is £500 and we can start work on the site redesign!
Pledge whatever you can and the faster we get to £500 the quicker the new website will be up and running.  If you can’t pledge, and we know times are hard, then spread the word for free and tell your friends, family, colleagues, whoever that BRWC is enhancing its look and needs help from all you lovely people out there!
Have a look at the fantastic range of perks too!

Huge thanks to the following supporters for donating film treats:
Terracotta, Fetch Publicity, Premier PR, John Blake Publishing, 101 Films, Third Window Films, Porter Firth PR, Aim Publicity, Bounty Films,
Artsploitation, Second Sight, October Coast PR and Arrow Films.

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