Monday, February 29, 2016

MY New York Fashion Week Experience

Lisa, Moni, Jenny, Toy- The Glam Squad
By Toy Taylor - I'm packing my makeup bag checking and rechecking making sure everything is perfect. For those of you who don't know me....I am somewhat of a perfectionist. Gotta keep things in order, you know? 

Anyhoo, I started thinking, um more like reflecting on my career as a hair stylist and makeup artist. From the beginning to present day it has been a pretty cool journey I have to say. And look at me now, I am headed to New York to do what I love to! makeup!makeup! 
I had the pleasure of being part of the creative team for the Plitzs NY Fashion Week show. Yep, I was screaming inside and out.
Designer Lana May
Designer Lousy Rich

This is it. All the hard work with early morning call times, long days on set, and missing family time has led me to this very moment. I am beyond humbled and blessed at this opportunity to not only utilize my craft but to represent for

an incredible accessory designer Lana May of Art Bead Circle and Phoenix' very own fashion designer Breanna "Breazy" Skoon of Lousy Rich  who also brought her fabulous collection to
the New York runway. Their artistic pieces would be showing first on the runway, yikes!  There were over 20 designers showing that night which meant backstage was going to be a
wee bit busy. I was ready! 

First models up were Lana May's and then it was off and running. There were hair and makeup artists from everywhere. They had us neatly lined up ready to take on a ridiculous amount of models. 15-20 minutes application time was it. My squad worked their butts off. Jenny Alton and Lisa Dozier-Bonnington did their thing in the hair styling department. While my partner-in-crime Moni Monique Barrett and I were beautifying faces and chatting it up with anyone we could. She was the networking guru. This was our element!

For the next 5 hours or so we applied makeup for designers Lana May, City and Sky (Dallas) and whoever else popped up in our chair. And it went just like that. I loved every minute of it. The energy was high and pumping. It was as if we were all working together in one big salon. Hair and makeup going back and forth on one side of the conference room and the first showcase of designers on the other.
It was that moment when it hit me that all hell was about to break loose. It was close to showtime and things picked up real REAL quick. It was exhilaratingly maddening!


I quickly learned my stage name "makeup"! We were on red lip detail for what seemed like an hour. Listen up fellow makeup artists, when a designer request a bold red lip, give them a bold red lip. Orange does not count. And neither does pink. For those of you who don't know me, I always come prepared. I had every  designers looks printed out. It clearly stated a BOLD RED LIP. I'm done.

Assistant to Creative Team Director

This NYFW experience has been the best 72  hours of my career. We all work so hard to get to that next level and now I feel like (a silly cliche) sky's the limit. To give the trip a five star rating, I got the opportunity to meet with local handbag designer Lynn Rosetti at her gallery in the Tribeca area. I was very lucky to catch her in between meetings. She had accessories designer Vanessa Lianne in house, so you know I snagged a few pics. Vanessa also had some juicy-ness to share with us. But you will have to check out my full interview with these ladies in my next blog. Ugh, what a highlight! I will never forget this experience. 

Oh and did I tell you? I rode the subway all by myself WITHOUT getting lost. Woohoo!!!
Lana May and Lousy Rich lineup at Plitzs New York Fashion Wee

Hope you enjoyed my New York Fashion Week experience. I know I sure did. Stay tune for our own Phoenix Fashion Week to kick off their Spring Into Style event on March 12. Ohhhhh you know how I love the runway! Come out and support our local stylists.

See you on the runway!



  1. love it!!! I do have many designer photos from New York..I see you used one where I was about to Cheers ladies and thanks for everything..xoxo ~LR

    1. Thank you for all you do and all you DID in New York. Lousy Rich rocks!!

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