Friday, September 28, 2012

Fashionista Dreams in Style, Designer Article Series, Part 6

Have you ever had something special that everyone wanted or that everyone asked where you got it from because they just had to have one like you?  This article series is being written to allow you a sneak peek into the lives of some of designers that are part of the 2012 Phoenix Fashion Week.  The interviews comprise of candid discussions and questions asked of the designers and my interpretation of their answers.   The write-up will be a summary of the conversation.

Shawl Dawls has become the new “Dawl” in the house this year and are living it large in their big dream of the big house at Phoenix Fashion Week 2012.  Julie Cruz and Roshena Chadha had always wanted to start their own business and in 2012 of this year, this became the reality for them as a team; they could be finally dedicated to what they love.  Their fashion sense was evident in their early experiences, as both Julie and Roshena pursued careers working with fashion which also included Roshena having a couture and active line.  Their inspiration started with a shawl and their idea evolved into what is now known as Shawl Dawls.  This unique creation has 15 different looks with a one-size fits all design that includes being an easy to care for garment, to which the possibilities are endless.  Their creativity and individuality has meshed together in such a way with their designs and versatility that anyone who has a shawl can feel like it was made just for them and the shawl can become part of who they are and their personality.
For Shawl Dawls, what was important, was the creation of a garment that could be easily washed, taken everywhere, could be compact, fit virtually anyone, be comfortable and great feeling, unique looking, and can be styled multiple ways.  They are inspired continuously by the fabrics and search high and low for fabrics that just plain feel good, are easy to work with, have a great texture.  By finding fabrics infused with the patterns, prints, colors they have been able to really dress their customers from morning to night and allow them to experience casual to glamorous all with a single garment.

In addition to the wonderful shawls, there are brooches and belts that can help to accessorize and style the shawls into the 15 different looks they share.  If you want something that can fit every need, this shawl can practically do it.  Customers with shawls are encouraged to wear the shawl over or under clothing and try it different ways.  There is no wrong way to style their shawl.  The philosophy and statement behind the line revolves around the concept of being a doll which is defined as fabulous women, being the best person they can possibly be.  The joy they have in this creation is that it has enabled them through their design to provide confirming affirmations to their customers that go beyond the look of just fashion.

Shawl Dawls' message is of lifestyle and confidence which is reflected in the four elements of their design 1) perfect fashion solution, 2) perfect travel accessory, 3) perfect gift, and 4) perfect feeling.  Besides those elements, they are reinforcing the idea of the design in that it is a great layering piece, it is light and easy to travel with, that it can be a main staple for any wardrobe, enabling anyone to enjoy it because of the one size fits all and all these lead to their mission of making the customers feel sophisticated, confident, and having effortless beauty.  We are ready and waiting for the Shawl Dawls runway with Phoenix FashionWeek 2012.  With Shawl Dawls you will be transformed into a fashionista “Dawl” with style, it’s your only choice. 

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