Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fashionista Dreams in Style, Designer Article Series, Part 9

Fashion transforms by creating an image and allowing the person to become something they may aspire to be.  There are influences that go deeper than just the look and feel.  This article series is being written to allow you a sneak peek into the lives of some of designers that are part of the 2012 Phoenix Fashion Week.  The interviews comprise of candid discussions and questions asked of the designers and my interpretation of their answers.   The write-up will be a summary of the conversation.

Suzanne Lay’s first dream was to be a Rock Star…speed up the clock and now she is a rock star Fashion Designer.  Her mom taught her at the age of 8 years old how to sew and she fell in love with it.  As she was growing up she started to make her own clothes and then for her friends.  While her other friends decided to pursue education in sciences, Suzanne’s draw was still towards fashion and clothing.  She went to Columbia College in Missouri and attended the fashion courses there and again reaffirmed her love for fashion. 

Suzanne Lay wants the image of bold and enviable style to be reflected in her fashion.  The designs are somewhat of an alter ego of a Midwestern girl in that she wants the clothing to stand out and when a person walks into a room that they are noticed and different and others want what she is wearing.  One of her strongest influences came from the experience she had in an internship with Zandra Rhodes, a well-known British designer, whose own lifestyle is also as dramatic, glamorous and extrovert as her designs.  This education and knowledge helped to shape and develop her design philosophy.

Regarding the fabrics used for her designs she utilizes knits as well as woven fabrics that feel really good and that are conforming and fitting and forgiving to really shape well on any figure.  She has been inspired as well as inspired others with her color combinations and designs as there is heart and soul woven into them based on the life trials and tribulations that have been experienced.  The corresponding theme captured is how love burns deep and the ability to find strength in your heart.  These concepts have enabled Suzanne to develop a clothing line that is romantic with hard edge looks that are edgy and sexy. 

Her goals are to get into as many boutiques as possible and drive towards high volume production.  She is definitely reaching many markets and her home one of St. Louis, MO.  She hopes her designs enable others to create a lifestyle they want to share with everybody.  Suzanne Lay’s main tagline – “Bright colors. Bold looks. Enviable style.” says it all.  The key messaging emphasizes being an “Enviable Woman”, which is a woman that when she wears these clothes she aspires to be beautiful and feel better about herself.  There is excitement and spontaneity that just seems to exude from the designs as well as the voice that Suzanne has about what she has created.   The runway is calling to Suzanne Lay, watch out and get ready to rock and roll!!

Twitter:  @SuzanneLaySTL

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