Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fashionista Dreams in Style, Designer Article Series, Part 7

“Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.” – This quote by Carl Friedrich Gauss expresses what most Fashionistas think when a new line is ready to be released.  It’s like being a kid in a candy store you can hardly wait to hear more.  This article series is being written to allow you a sneak peek into the lives of some of designers that are part of the Phoenix Fashion Week 2012.  The interviews comprise of candid discussions and questions asked of the designers and my interpretation of their answers.   The write-up will be a summary of the conversation.
Burlap Dress
Burlap Dress, photo shoot was in Arizona at Greasewood Flat in North Scottsdale
Burlap Dress photo shoot was in Arizona at Greasewood Flat in North Scottsdale
JHaus brings something unique to the style they’ve introduced at Phoenix Fashion Week.  JLynn Hausmann founder and creator of JHaus always wanted a clothing line since elementary school and has ventured strongly in a direction that many would not go. Denim is a tough style for most; however for JLynn she has embraced her design foundation and opted to create using denim with all ideas originating from her home state of Nebraska, kindly referred to as the Corn Palace.   JHaus’s tagline of “premium denim line inspired by American roots” speaks strongly to the traditions they have infused their clothing line with.  Besides the incorporation of the country into their apparel, each core style is named after a family member.

Dolly Jean (style boot cut, named after my mother)  Medium Wash
Coming from the Midwest, JHaus’s denim creations reflect significant influences that have encouraged natural looks and comfort due to washings as well coloring focused on earthy and muted tones.  JHaus has been noticed and is creating waves beyond just the denim.  They have introduced a glamorous burlap dress design and accents of chicken wire into another one of kind couture creation and now have become known as innovative and stylish with every piece.  Their inspirations appear to be limitless and know no bounds.  Additional creations in the future clothing lines will be skirts, more couture and even a dress made out of corn. 

At a red carpet event in LA, with Jody Carlson who is wearing the denim chicken wire dress
JLynn with her 3 nieces, Ava, Emmie, & Livie  (Ava: Flare jean, Emmie:  Skinny Jean, Livie:  Straight Jean)
Becca Jean (color: husker red) (named after sister-in-law)  with JHaus jacket
JLynn on the runway with my 3 nieces
JHaus has plans to produce and distribute to where the customers are and that appears to be worldwide.  In addition, they are adding new and exciting pieces to their ever growing collection.  With her love of fashion and her passion to share their difference, JLynn hopes that their customers through their designs see their message of the importance of having strong roots no matter where you come from and embracing them and just being yourself.  JHaus will be bringing it home as they walk down the runway at Phoenix Fashion Week 2012 to celebrate traditions and innovation like no other.

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