Monday, October 1, 2012

Fashionista Dreams in Style, Designer Article Series, Part 11

Fashion is more than universal.  There is a spirit of change that is embodied in the outfits that we wear and there is a message and sense of being that comes from finding that style which fits you.  This article series is being written to allow you a sneak peek into the lives of some of designers that are part of the 2012 Phoenix Fashion Week.  The interviews comprise of candid discussions and questions asked of the designers and my interpretation of their answers.   The write-up will be a summary of the conversation.

Paulie Gibson always had fashion on his mind since he was a little boy.  He actually can’t remember a time when he was not involved somehow with fashion and this is mostly attributed to his mom.  There were several contributing factors to his heightened developed sense of fashion.  Paulie experienced life challenges like many do based on family structure changes and the economy; however, he learned through his mother to be resourceful and creative and to reflect an appearance that made him feel good no matter what the circumstances that laid behind.  This was the strength that has pushed him forward.  In high school Paulie learned of a fashion school and his destiny was clear, he would pursue what he had always known.
Paulie’s favorite part of fashion is the transformation and the power in clothes, in how it controls perceptions and the overall transformative quality that exists and is so important.  If you feel good and look good in what you wear, it helps to diminish the less important things that really don’t matter.  He has used fashion to express his unique personality.  Paulie Gibson uses colors to relate feelings and adapted a feelings philosophy to the clothes.  As he was raised in the Midwest, the experience in fashion there is that everyone generally looks the same.  For Paulie being inside the box did not allow for individualism to be expressed.  This is how his clothing line was born.  Paulie Gibson is a reflection of uniqueness, clever and outstanding designs that are not mainstream; however, they are classic and powerful at the same time.  Even though men traditionally seek to fit in the crowd, there are those out there that don’t want to be like everyone else.  The clothes from Paulie Gibson are designed to make a man feel special and confident in their own style. 

The latest collection created by Paulie Gibson, called Tribe, was inspired on a trip made out west to California and Paul’s exposure to Southwestern culture.  The theme speaks to how we all actually come from different tribes and how there is and can be inclusion.  It highlights the idea of being family, being one, and celebrating the differences we have.  The designs are heavy with print on print and the fabrics range from rayon to chiffon to enable a creative utilization of different textures to bring out the sexy in men’s clothing.  The designs are infused with color and energy and spill over with what can only be described as a cosmic vibe.  Paulie Gibson believes that the truest fashion is when one gives of themselves and looks inside and exudes that feeling.  Paulie Gibson clothes embrace a man with energy, strength, and style in such a manner that can only deliver that sense of individuality and uniqueness that brings the fashion alive.  As the tribes of designers gather together at Phoenix Fashion Week 2012, lets experience the celestial ambiance that only Paulie Gibson can deliver.

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