Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Polo Season Begins in Scottsdale This Saturday

Saturday, October 20th, 2012 at 10:00 am gates open to Arizona Polo Season at Westworld in Scottsdale.  This is the day of the Polo Championships presented by Scottsdale Polo Championships:  Horses and Horsepower.   I had the opportunity to interview Diego Fernando Florez, Club Manager of the Arizona Polo Club about the event this coming Saturday and the club.  Here's a summary of our discussion.

Why is it important to support Polo here in Arizona?

Polo is a unique sport that is a high end sport for high end brands. It is also a very family oriented sport. Its a different sport that can be enjoyed by many and is actually very accessible to those interested.  One of the programs they are working to develop is a low-income program for kids to learn how to ride horses and actually learn about playing polo. They specifically want to also target certain populations such foster kids who would not normally have access to these type of programs.

Who are the audiences or type of individuals that the Arizona Polo Club – Scottsdale are trying to reach?

The audience normally is comprised of individual spectators that love the sport, actual players, those that enjoy horsemanship and horses. Polo is a challenging sport and many who are sports oriented off the golf course and football field would appreciate this sport. Older individuals definitely can appreciate the sport for a great afternoon outing. They are really hoping to bring this sport to the youth and encourage more involvement from them through youth and interscholastic programs. Many times the matches are free and open to the public for them to see.

The Polo sport has been in Arizona for over 80 years and it has just been over the last two years that the club has really been working to develop the following with the help of the United States Polo Association. Currently they have over 2000 followers with 300 to 500 active regular participants / supporters locally. There are many at different levels of experience and ladies are the fastest growing segment as well. The common age range for individuals that start is around 32 – 37 where the individuals are looking to focus on the sport for the first time or are coming back to it after playing the sport in school or college.

What does the Polo Club in Scottsdale hope for as a result of the championship being held here?

They want everyone who participates to have a great experience with great Polo matches. They will also be hosting a clinic the next day on October 21st, to give individuals that would like to learn more about Polo and try it out and opportunity to talk and learn about it first-hand. They hope this will be an opportunity to educate potential students, players, and sponsors as well those whom can help to support and spread the word about what the Polo sport can do for the community.

In addition the Arizona Polo Club shares there are many ways to enjoy the sport here beyond the championshp such as with holiday parties and even corporate outings which is a nice way to treat customers and employees by taking them to a Polo Match.  Interested parties can contact Diego Florez at the club for hosting and coordination details.

What are the other big events for Polo here in Arizona besides the championship on October 20, 2012?

The Arizona Polo Club has developed a Polo Series of four (4) main events – besides the championship there is the Holiday Cup, Spring Sponsors and the Queen’s Cup on April 23rd, 2013. These represent the beginning, middle, and end of the season which runs from November to April.

The big matches on Saturday will be Arizona Polo Club and Colombia for the morning match, followed by Harvard University and Philadelphia’s Work to Ride. There will be numerous players to watch out and cheer for.

The final thoughts from Diego Fernando Florez, Club Manager of Arizona Polo Club Scottsdale are that you shouldn’t be afraid to come out and try the sport. They have available the Polo School that will help you learn everything you need to know about Polo. They will even teach you how to ride. It’s a great family friendly sport and wonderful way to spend your time during the season.

For more information on schedule, tickets, and programs can be obtained from the websites below:
http://thepoloparty.com/ or http://arizonapolo.com/

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