Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fashionista Dreams in Style, Designer Article Series, Part 12

This is the last article and concludes the 12-part series for the Emerging Designers from Phoenix Fashion Week. I thought this day would not come as the final designer almost became coined as the "Elusive One" in my book. For those of you not familiar with what happens behind the scenes of a Fashion Week, you must know that the designers and everyone involved have an incredible amount of work and time invested in bringing their creations and all moving parts of the shows, events, and activities to fruition as well as doing what they do daily to support their efforts. Knowing that every designer needed that opportunity to be showcased, I continued to follow my instinct and kept reaching out until the opportunity afforded itself. I finally got my chance to interview the last designer.

Sew Twisted Designs stood out from the day of the announcement at MIM where Phoenix Fashion Week shared who the Emerging Designers were. Brooke Alicia Reyes reflected herself as a spunky, strong and determined participant. This is evident in the story of her last year. Brooke self-taught herself how to sew at first as a result of theatrical costume needs. Brooke’s experience with theater and stage plays has really been what her life has been about. The idea of becoming a fashion designer really never crossed her mind and was not an original intention. Her journey down this path started after the creation of her first garment last year. Pictures were taken of the garment and the rest is history. That one action created a whirlwind of buzz about what she made and then requests came in for her to create more. After a couple of months her first fall collection in 2011 came to be. Brooke has held on to her core foundation of her influences of literature, pop culture, and characters. For Sew Twisted the designs really represent wearable costumes versus what most would call fashion. These costumes are about apparel that feels good, looks nice, and allows an individual to become something they weren’t before they put the clothing on. Brooke’s imagination leads her to the fabrics for her designs as she visualizes what is part of the look and would go so far as to say, fabric that turns her on is what she would choose for the creations.

Because of Brooke’s extensive influences as a Thespian, she has a quote that has resonated for her and she has expanded on: "All the world’s a stage," quote from As You Like It by William Shakespeare. Brooke Alicia Reyes’s quote is: "If all the world is a stage, then what is fashion, but the costume of our everyday lives." Sew Twisted Designs entered this project of Phoenix Fashion Week 2012 with specific goals and original dreams of grandeur. What Sew Twisted Designs has gained from the program offered by Phoenix Fashion Week is much of what is needed to be successful in the business of fashion – finding a manufacturer, creating a realistic budget, understanding advertising, and basically all the tools and advice necessary to do business in a better way and to become independent and be practical about how to operate and achieve the goals.

Sew Twisted Designs comments speaks volumes to the program that is offered by Phoenix Fashion Week and many of the goals and messaging they want to share with the marketplace not only here in Arizona but beyond. As we enter the last hours before the official Phoenix Fashion Week 2012 begins, the journey that so many have traveled to get here will be celebrated and it is a wonderful offering that anyone part of should absolutely be proud to be part of. Let’s get our chic on and spread the love of fashion by supporting all involved and join us in our appreciation of what Phoenix Fashion Week as brought to the valley!!

Website:  http://www.sewtwisteddesigns.com/
Twitter:  @SewTwisted

Photos by Neil Peters Fotographie
Make-up and Hair by Danielle Gary
Valeria Romero
Monica Lam
Emma Clauson
Andreyha Seraphin
Tauni Riggi

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