Sunday, October 7, 2012

Into the Night With Fashion

Furne One Design
I'm not gonna lie.  Phoenix Fashion Week 2012 at Talking Stick Resort totally rocked this year.  With nine designers on runway every night, the anticipation of seeing what would be presented kept the energy high and the excitement heavy.  Furne One, the featured designer, from Dubai and known as designer to the stars dominated the final runway on Saturday night with the 31 piece collection that was masterfully displayed on local and international top models including America's Next Top Model, Raina Hein.

Collins College Designer
The entire team of Phoenix Fashion Week worked hard to deliver on every level.  Thursday proved they had done their job on marketing and promoting the event effectively as they were overwhelmed with attendance on the first night of runway which made the anticipation greater even for experienced fashionistas, media, photographers, and everyone behind the scenes.  The maturity in the Fashion Week program is obvious in that they worked effectively to manage the crowds and successfully place everyone who attended.  Talking Stick Resort only enabled success for this years show as the venue is highly compatible with they type of event program.  It allows that for every seat and standing room it's virtually impossible to have a bad view of runway.  The media lounge and the photographer's pit (House Photographers - Mikel Florman, Stella Crowl, Steve Trujillo, Rizalde Sherwood and Support Photography - Rosemary Woods) was filled to capacity and beyond.  The fan fare and followers showed representation of a strong and ever evolving program here in Arizona.  Brian Hill, the Executive Director for Phoenix Fashion Week, along with his strong front team of Brenna Moses, Christina Ziegler, Lauren Pfingstag and the rest of the supporting teams and ambassadors brought their best and demonstrated they can host a next level Fashion Week that is ground breaking, innovative, and full of the strongest and most talented designers and models from near to far.
Collins College Designer

The emerging designers ruled this week as this was their reward to the program that brought them to this final stage.  I had the amazing privilege of talking with each the emerging designers in advance of the actual week of runway and Shop Villa.  What I learned about each designer and what they brought to the runway with their 2013 Spring Collections was that they all put their heart and soul into what they delivered to the fanatical audiences that attended each night.  Even though it was crescendo structure from casual and trendy on Thursday night to glamorous and elegant Saturday night, every designer decorated the runway with textures, colors, patterns, structures, accessories, lace, embellishments, beads, and more.

Collins College Designer
Thursday night  Living Dreams, OfraStyle, Shawl Dawls, and Samantha Patterson presented their new lines with amazing colors and innovation in their designs that could actually complete ones wardrobe very simply with just their apparel.  Friday night  EYE Thread, JHaus, Paulie Gibson, and Sew Twisted Designs showed who was boss and rocked the runway with unique performance and style with luxury accessories and handbags to dramatic costume wear and don't forget the Denim and the Tribe men's line.  Saturday night Bri Seeley, ENVY by Khanh, Italia Rocks Couture, and Suzanne Lay finished the evening with bold, beautiful, sexy, colorful, glitzy and flowing beauty with splendor and magnificence across all the details.  I know people that could wear their clothes and that is a fashion statement.  Collectively, this group of twelve designers are ahead of all the rest and I am honored to have been present to see their celebration on stage for their passion and love of fashion and design.
Bri Seeley Design

The final words of congratulations have to go to the winner of the Emerging Designer competition, Bri Seeley.  Her line presented as if you were at a beautiful beach resort without a care in the world and you could feel the cool breeze of the ocean flowing on to you as you relaxed on your beach lounge chair.  Refreshing, soft, light, full of life and movement is the best way I can relate the feeling you have when visualizing Bri Seeley's line.  Stay tuned for Bri and the other emerging designer developings as I will continue to follow them in their progress and new launches.  Happy Phoenix Fashion Week 2012!!!!!!

Editor's Note:  More pictures to come!! Pending editing from photographers.

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