Wednesday, July 20, 2016

2016 Brave Wings Fashion Show

Downtown Phoenix was all a buzz at The Vintage 45 venue. This place is a well maintained warehouse converted into a source of entertainment. In the 1940's, The Vintage 45 may have housed heavy equipment, but today, this is what I suspect - it will be host to many more of Phoenix's hottest events! Looking out at the downtown Phoenix skyline was a sweet added touch. It has a very nice urban vibe about it. 

But on this night, the 4th annual Brave Wings Fashion Show would be debuting an eclectic style of designers from our very own local up and comings to the not so local. 

The show's founders Mabel Cortez of Mabella Chic and Jenesis Laforcarde of Woman's Touch Apparel do a fantastic job in collaborating with artists to create a magical show that appeals to everyone in the crowd. No matter your taste, one of these designers will appeal to your inner fashion self.  

Soooo here is the night's runway:

Woman's Touch Apparel   Bold. Flirty. Demanding. Intimidating. Fierce. Empowering. Feminism. Self-respect. Self-love. Self-worth. Done.

Last Ones Left   Co-founders Alec Frank and Jordan Sebastian came from a far, far away land called Colorado. These two high-spirited young men brought with them a fun unisex clothing line that adds a little more swag to the unseasoned urbanite's repertoire. This is active wear with a casual attitude. 



Symbolizing the last of the 90's, this collection is for every young minded soul                                looking to keep                                     on                                     trend. These                                 guys are                                    great!

My Style Mode    This collection was quite eye-appealing. Body hugging fabrics in monochromatic tones revealed to-die-for linear angles. This gave dynamic movement to each piece. I want one of each please!

Mabella Chic  

This Mabella Chic collection gave us the "not your typical mom" looks with edgy and sexy creations that suits any busy mom who wants to maintain their fashion sense and mommyhood at the same time. Mabella Chic continues to step outside that box.

Electric Lyon  Oh how fun this collection is! I am digging on designer Jamie Lyon's whimsical play in her line. A girl can't help but feel a bit playful in these looks but also have a sense of maturity. I especially liked the hairstyles with the two buns. Perfect touch!

Nazila Couture  Designer Nazila Sawhney is always stunning on the runway. Keeping in tune with cultural lines and adornments maintains the elegance and beauty in Nazila Couture. Stunning!

Wedding Themed Collaboration by...
      Lana May Jewelry 
      Antoaneta Balabanova
      Aaron Eagles  of Aje'les Internal Compass

This is not to be your typical wedding party. With traditional bridal wear out the window, we are given avant garde couture that makes a huge statement. These talented designers showed how you can be the talk of the town on that special day. I loved the use of textures and color throughtout the collection creating these one of a kind looks. Very nice!

Hamati Designs  Love this guy's style right here! Sam Hamati brings THE collection of all collections. 

This Phoenix based designer gives me a Rocky Gathercole-vibe. His words..."a magical sense of whimsy". I loved it! My words cannot do the images justice. Take a look for yourself. Brilliant!

Each year Brave Wings Fashion Show chooses a foundation that impacts our community. This year is the Arizona Burn Foundation. They have developed a support program for burn survivors where they receive education on coping with the physical and psychological effects of their injuries. Such a wonderful foundation.

Hope you all enjoyed the Brave Wings Fashion show as much as we did. Watch for Talking the Five Talk Show for live interviews with the co-founders and designers

See you on the runway!

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Thanks to the Chronic Behavior team for their excellent coverage of the event. They are the team helping to support and promote the brand. We appreciate you for your continued support.

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