Sunday, July 10, 2016

Health and Wellness Transformations - Part One - Livin' Lighter

Health and wellness transformations may appear to be a trend; however, your health and wellness should never just be a trend.  It’s easy to take for granted all the things you and other family members can do, until one day, you’re in a car accident, you experience a stroke, a loved one has a heart attack, someone gets diagnosed with diabetes or cancer, you can’t walk due to an injury, you can’t eat normal because you experience digestive or other processing issues.  This is the not so pleasant reality that each of us faces.  No one really wants to discuss the “what if” scenarios, but when you are affected by any one of these health challenges or others, you shouldn't avoid them.

Several areas of health and wellness are often seen as and considered frivolous, narcissistic and cosmetic.  So you’re asking yourself about now, what does this have to do with health and wellness?  It’s about choices and how you are affected by them.  Once you experience an injury or have been diagnosed with certain ailments or diseases or experience things due to heredity, there are choices that must be made to determine how you address, treat, manage, and become healthy again or survive what you are experiencing.

Society will often judge individuals for making choices about their health related to their looks or what is perceived to be superficial or based on other perceptions.  And then there is the factor of the cost related to health and wellness, whether its nutrition related, spa treatments, reductions of all sorts, enlargements of other sorts, workouts, gyms, memberships, MLM (multilevel marketing products/services), therapies, and on and on.  

I've had the opportunity to meet with a company that has a strong philosophy related to helping others.  They believe that if that you can educate individuals on the benefits and the impacts of certain health treatments and then generate progress reports that reflect the changes and provide relevant information over a period of treatments and time, that individuals can experience improvements.  With information, the individuals can then empower themselves to manage their health based on facts - facts that are generated through innovative integrated technologies part of the treatment process.

Livin’ Lighter, located at 14891 N Northsight, Suite #121, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, owned and operated by Karl Bode and Nancy Fromm, is focusing on providing non-invasive fat reduction through the use of latest LED Light technology, LIVIN’ LIGHTERTM.  Their magical buzz words are “No Pain – No Surgery – No Downtime”.  It would be easy to copy and paste and take the touted research that is published and use that to explain what’s happening with the technology and why Livin’ Lighter is focusing on this line of treatments and why they are viewed as being part of an economic development boom for health and wellness services.  In my short but in-depth discussion with one of the co-owners, Karl Bode, I discovered much more to the why behind their choices of how they want to serve their clients.

Suffice it to say, my coverage is being separated into a three-part series covering, the business, the customer experience, and the technology innovation for Livin’ Lighter

The Business of Med Spas – Livin’ Lighter – Part One
The business of Med Spas is big (expected to reach over $3B in 2016 for the US) especially in what are designated as travel destination cities where individuals travel to the city for the experience.  I’m no stranger to Med Spas and have had the opportunity to experience not only locally, but also nationwide some very specific destination locations that cater to spa experiences.  From Orlando to Miami and Tampa, to Houston, out west to La Jolla and West Hollywood, to local spots in Chandler, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, I’ve had the chance to experience just what the Med Spa experience is about.  Coming from a background that included customer service, spas are perceived that they should have an impeccable level of treatment of the customer.  This treatment or session includes from the moment an individual should walk in the doors, to the greeting, welcome and sign-in, the services explanation for the treatment, the set-up and readiness, to the wait time for treatment, and then to the actual treatment, the environment and office aesthetics, the after-care, review of treatment outcomes, and then follow-up.

Unlike other spas, Livin’ Lighter has a primary focus from a business perspective on body contouring.  They define this to be loss of inches (fat loss) on the waist, hips, thighs, arms, and anywhere the LED Light technology can be applied.   
 The impact is also focused on fat reduction in such a way that a client would not experience downtime.  They offer their clients treatment packages from Bronze to Gold levels that vary based on the number of sessions and the number of weeks the sessions will be distributed over.

Livin’ Lighter is working to crush the perception that these services are only available to the celebrity lifestyle or exclusive limited clientele.  Through their branding and their own personal experience with the technology and services, they have established a business model that while new, they are definitely looking to over time evolve and to grow.  The demand for services is there and Livin’ Lighter knows they have what the populous is looking for.

While the perception that this business is about luxury nice to have’s, fat reduction is extremely important in an overall persons health management.  Anyone that is fighting diabetes or even back injury, weight plays a huge impact to the recovery and management of.  Fat is something that in small quantities is helpful for some brain function, however as part of the American diet, it could definitely use some trimming.  Body Fat Percentage measurements are used by most physical trainers and doctors who are helping clients with weight-loss.  The business of Livin’ Lighter is working to help fight and reduce fat.  What more could you ask for?

In Part II of the article series, we will talk about the full customer service and client experience for Med Spas including personal experience with Livin’ Lighter.  To learn more about Livin’ Lighter, visit their website: or call for your own appointment to find out and experience yourself – phone: (480) 757-2639.

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