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The 2nd Annual IndieAZ Film Festival

Windy West, Ann Cabano, Sandy Penny, Angela Friis
by Toy Taylor - [RECAP] Thursday night boasted a huge success for the 2nd Annual IndieAZ Film Festival once again held at the Pollack Tempe Cinemas in the ever eclectic Tempe Arizona. 

This was a crazy cool event! Many of the night's short films left you shaking your head and pondering the what ifs. I mean really? Who would ever think of seeing the world through the perspective of a mattress? Things that make you say 'hmmm'.   

The event raised awareness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and bullying within our communities. 
Provided by Elena and Jim
The charity of choice is  Agnes Centers for Domestic Solutions which strive to educate others by providing solutions in breaking the chains of physical and mental abuse amongst those wounded by such atrocities.

Adam Ruiz(l)

Here's some faces you may recognize on the red carpet.

Adam Ruiz who's film Terminus won Best of Fest at 
2015 IndieAZ Fest. 

Tonight he is showing Kill Waiting.

Gotta grab those red carpet shots!

Charlotte Helmkamp

Celebrity guest speaker Charlotte Helmkamp (former Playboy model/actor/author) knows all too well on the perils of being a survivor of abuse.

Her story is REAL and one you should check out. She is ah-ma-zing!

Gita Farid
There were other local celebrities in the house. A few on deck were the ever pleasant writer/director Gita Farid of Gita Farid Films. I had the pleasure of working with this phenomenal woman and let me tell you, her visions on old world history are strong, passionate and at times intense. Ms. Gita is an amazing story-teller. 

The wildly unprecedented producer Rob Rutledge himself was also in attendance. 
Rob Rutledge(l)

Rob's energy is so 
contagious you just can't help wanting to get a wee bit closer to him. I don't think his brain ever shuts down. MAD MAD MAD talent right here. 
Byron Cherry(l)

Byron Cherry best known for playing Coy Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard in the early 80's joined the party and even brought the famous General Lee with


him. I was all giddy especially when he let me get inside...yikes!

Robin Cote

Author and radio personality Robin Cote earned the Rose Award for her journey of survivalship, strength and being an inspiration to us all. 

Her story 'My Life, Victim No More! The Ugly Truth Exposed' is an experience that is of great magnitude. Congratulations Robin!

Star Worldwide Network Owner Dave Pratt was in the house. You know him best as big time radio personality for 3 decades now.

Now let's get to the real reason we are here. The event's lineup in show order are listed:

         The Woman Of The Mountain 
                   Director - Ryan Johnston 
                   Producer - Aaron Alysworth
                   Written by - Will Hirsch
                   Director/Writer - Anna Augustowska 
         A Thousand Words  
                   Director - Jacob Glass

         Lay It On Me
                   Director/Writer - Michelle Larkin

         Pop Quiz (Scottsdale Short Film Festival Winner)
                   Director - Josh Salazar
                   Producer - Robyn Sturgis

                   Director - Nate Doane

                   Director - Dana Bruhn

                   Director - Chuck Sterling
                   Director - Aaron Seever

         Kill Waiting
                   Director - Adam Ruiz

         Between You & Me
                   Director/Writer - Edgar Ybarra

After the viewing, the powers that be got together and tallied everything up. Time to mingle!   



red carpet                 fun!    

And the winner is....

BEST OF CAST - The Woman of the Mountain

BEST OF CREW - Temporary

BEST OF THESP - Between You & Me

BEST OF CRAFT - The Woman of the Mountain

BEST OF FEST - Between You & Me

AUDIENCE CHOICE - Between You & Me

And there you have it. It was a spectacular night.
A big thank you to Ann Cabano and Angela Friis who are the co-founders and owners of IndieAZ Fest and Sandy Penny and the ever lovely Windy West (the executive partners) for giving us this fabulous affair casting a bright sunshine-filled light on the film industry in Arizona. 

There is a tremendous amount of artistic talent in the valley that need a platform to be heard or in this case seen. Can't wait to see what the 2017 IndieAZ Festival has in store. Thank you ladies!

Eva Louis(l) and Jane Fendelman

See you on the runway!        



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