Thursday, October 2, 2014

In a World of Pink, A Difference Can Be Made

Elegance, high fashion, larger than "life" purpose to make a difference for others...these are all the things that Fashionably Pink represents and so much more. The event was presented by Schumacher Mercedes Benz and Phoenix Fashion Week. The event held a silent auction where the emerging designers put together great packages for purchase. Carrie Kunberger hosted a live auction to also raise awareness and support the cause. Once the show got started, the Phoenix Fashion Week top models hit the runway. 

Carrie Kunberger, auctioneer
Supporting "Don't Be a Chump, Check for a Lump"

Randee Solano

The Fashionably Pink event touched 

many people in the audience. How 

could I tell? By the cheers of

admiration for each and every survivor 

that graced the runway. These women 

carried tremendous strength courage 

and bravery through their ordeal and it showed in their strut. Check out the pics of 

these amazing survivors who stood tall and worked the 

Lori Adkins
catwalk. Their smiles say it all.


Amelia Salas

Lynn Byrn

 I would 

bet that 

each of us 

have come 

across a 

friend or 



Dina Burg
with breast cancer. I myself have lost a good 

friend and have a cousin who is a survivor. So 

watching this heartwarming event was 

somewhat emotional.

Joelle Julien

I was happy to learn about an amazing foundation showcased at Fashionably Pink. 

We were all fortunate to meet a caring woman named Holly Rose. Holly founded 

"Don't Be a Chump, Check For a Lump". She set out to bring much needed
awareness to self-check breast exams as well as prevention methods. Through her own ordeal of chemotherapy and radiation, Holly found herself dealing with several issues. One being the loss of her hair. As a woman, we identify ourselves through 
our body image, our hairstyles, our overall look. Cancer attacks all of the above. 
With that said, Holly discovered the beauty in wearing wigs. And not just any wig,

but a wig that resembled her self-image 

prior to breast cancer. Hence, the Wig 

Out program was born. 

It's simple once a woman is receiving her 

treatment and starts losing her hair, the 

Wig Out program will provide a 

customized wig valued up to $250. Wow! 

That's amazing and incredibly touching. I 

will start by saying "thank you, Holly Rose for your generosity and turning a tragic situation into something positive". The women who have received wigs couldn't be more happy. It definitely showed on the runway.  

                                                                                 Yetta Gibson - The Now AZ 

Celebrating Fashionably Pink alongside the 

survivors were local TV and radio celebrities. 

  Susan Casper & Terri Ouellette - Sonoran Living
                                          Rich Berra 104.7

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Natasha Castles - 101.5                                                                                                  

                                                              Savannah Wix                                                                                                           

                      Jordan Wessel
                         Kristen Anderson - Husband - Son Kingston
           Kristin Anderson - FOX 10

Beth Troutman - Right This Minute

        The Fashionably Pink event continues to thrive in bringing much needed awareness and fundraising in seeking knowledge of helping families cope with  breast cancer. Thank you Phoenix Fashion Week for the continued support of such a challenging life-altering event.

Toy Taylor

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