Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Phoenix Fashion Week Heating Up the Runway

by Toy Taylor [RECAP] - Here we are for the second night at the beautiful Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale AZ. Phoenix Fashion Week had an exceptional showing on opening night. I can't wait to see what is in store for us tonight. 

First on the runway is one of my faves Blackberry Maverick. Lexi and Leslie are two of the most free-spirited fun loving women I have ever met. Said it once I'll say it again...I absolutely love their out-of-the-box way of thinking.

 I wasn't quite sure how to perceive their brand when I first met them. But now as I've watched them mature even more with the brand, I get it. 

Their brand honestly represents who Blackberry Maverick truly is. I so look forward to seeing more of the dynamic duo in the future. BMAV paired                                       beautifully with Tom Horn Collection.

Designers Lexi and Leslie

Atiz gave us so much on the runway. A

striking old world 1950's flow intermixed 

with modern elements. I was so 

impressed with the level of sophistication 

in the Atiz collection. Swati brought her A-

game to
Designer Swati

the runway.

The super 

shiny black 

wrap dress is 

100% on point! 

Atiz Fashion is 

sheer elegance. 

Atiz paired with 

Olga M Designs magnificently.

You just can't help think of everything tall 

when it comes to Delora's Kismit. This 

designer like her brand is a statuesque of 

beauty. Strong clean lines with body-hugging 

silhouettes make Kismit a fierce clothing line.
Designer Delora

The white dress with long sleeves high 

neckline adorned with buckles is the 

hottest twist ever on the straight jacket. 

This brand is intense. Loved it! Kismit's 

collaboration with Verbena Jewels and 

Tom Horn Collection is perfect.

Schuylark Designs gives us comfortable wearable fashion. I like 

seeing a bold color like red used in a soft summery dress. It's bold

Designer Michelle B

yet delicate. This was my fave in the collection. Alongside Clutch Jewelry, Schuylark is definite everyday wear for women.

Established Designers are.... 

Bri Seeley, an emerging designer last year, has proven herself to be 

quite the 


designer this year. 

This collection is 

feminine flowy and 

flirty. Bri Seeley 


everything girly. 

                Her brand looks like it's sheer comfort to wear.
Designer Bri Seeley
The long red dress possessed all those qualities and more. Accessorizing with Clutch Jewelry and Tom Horn Co was a perfect collaboration.

Phoenix Fashion Week's 2013 Designer of the Year, Dolcessa swimwear graced the runway as an established designer in this year's big event.

Designers Stacey Eden and Katya
Dolcessa's fabulously adorned swimwear is super sexy. Dolcessa can be seen gracing a cover spot and more with Sports Illustrated. Stacy Eden's Clutch Crowns accentuated the swimwear smashingly.


Aris Pico couture was ah-maz-ing! To see eveving wear in such 

bright bold colors like bright yellow was eye-popping. And the gold 

beaded dress with the gold chins hanging off the shoulders is 

.....sick. How do you like this couture? Stunning, I know!

What a wonderful night of fashion! Stay tuned for the final night of Phoenix Fashion Week.

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