Sunday, October 19, 2014

LiFF Does It Again!!! A Film Festival that Rocks!!!!

Just finished attending the 2014 Laughlin International Film Festival (LiFF) this weekend and was blown away for the second year in a row by an outstanding overall film festival production for the four days (October 16 – 19th).    
Erik Karsen Puhm, Mara Karsen Puhm, and Dave Davidson Co-Founders of the Laughlin International Film Festival have outdone themselves again by continuing the annual tradition of honoring and recognizing filmmakers from all over the world that participate and submit to the festival.  They are building a community that is becoming family and many are already planning on next year’s “Filmmaker Family Reunion” and looking forward to all the new additions to the extended family.  

The host city of Laughlin, NV along with the Tropicana Express (main Host location), Riverside Casino, the Acquarius and the Laughlin Outlets Mall –Stadium 9 Cinemas (viewing home of the films that made it into the festival) again proved to provide the perfect mix of location and environment to welcome filmmakers from all over as well as offer a close-knit set-up that enabled viewings, red-carpet photos and interviews (provided by Gianna Nicole Inc.), workshops, and of course all the parties.  The support from the community is clearly evident and it was nice to have so many visitors asking about the buzz and what was going on with all the festival attendees.  The word is getting out about this festival and the only direction for this event is UP and future growth is without any doubt going to happen. 

So here’s the quick run-down on the Film Awards presented at the widely appreciated and spectacular Awards Banquet (that included the opening emcee, Owen Dara, known and loved for his acting, comedy, filmmaking and great personality) that really exceeds expectations of all in attendance . (Disclaimer: This listing is a quick recap – in case any misspellings or errors - updates will be made accordingly as this information was captured at the event and the formal listing from LiFF will be published on their website)

Best Short Documentary – Jesse and the Fountain of Youth - - Trailer -

Best Web Series – Royals the Series - - Meet the cast -

Best Soundtrack/Score – Moustache - - Website -

Best Experimental Work – Only in LA – Twitter - - Website -

Best Animation Video – I Need My Monster – Video -

Best Music Video – Look Away (by Eliza) – Video -

Best Local Film – Verdict (by Rebel In a Box Productions) - - Twitter -

Outstanding Production Value – What Future -

Best Cinematic Film – Our Father – Website - -

Best Storytelling – Wolfgang Bodison – The Long Wait - - website -

Best Ensemble Cast – Goin’ Guerilla - - website -

Best Thriller Horror – Antisocial Behavior – Trailer - - Facebook -

Humanitarian Award – One in a Million - - Twitter -

Best Lead Actress –  Christina Harding (in Moustache)

Best Lead Actor – Michael Gross (in Our Father)

Best Drama Film – The Badger Game - - website - ttp://

Bud Holland Award - Victim: The Terrifying Story of Sunny Coleman by Andrea Zindel Smith

Best University Film – A Plush Life - - website -

Tropicana Award – Best University Film – Into the Silent Sea - - website -

Best International Short Film – Remembering the Fallen -

Best International Documentary – Shunned - - website -

Best International Narrative Film – Blackbird - - website -

2014 LiFF Pick Award – Deuce of Spades - - website -

LiFF Director Award – Penance - - website -

Best US Short Film – Premium Harmony - - website -

Best US Narrative Feature – Three Holes, 2 Brads and a Smoking Gun -  – Trailer -

Best US Documentary – Music City USA - - website -

Liff 2014 Grand Jury Award - Moustache - - Website -

Stay tuned for more updates and information and if you have films, shorts, music videos, or any other film production, YOU MUST SUBMIT to this festival because you have no idea what you are missing until you attend and participate.  This is going to be on our calendar for as long as this festival will exist.  Hopefully that will be forever!!!

To find out what you missed and to get involved with the awesome Laughlin International Film Festival for next year 2015, go to their sponsor page or send a direct email to,, .

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