Monday, October 6, 2014

Opening Night of Phoenix Fashion Week 2014

by Toy Taylor--[RECAP] First night of Phoenix Fashion Week kicked off with a bang here at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale AZ. The red carpet was buzzing big time with everyone looking for that perfect shot. People were ready for a show. First to hit the runway was Charmosa Swimwear. But to our surprise  bedazzled up showgirls

hit the runway before all else. These ladies were

shaking and shimmering and sizzling up the runway. 

Cool way to get the party started. 

Charmosa Swim was just as lovely as ever. Neide is so 

passionate about what she does, her work truly reflects 

that passion in her masterful swimwear. Charmosa 

paired with Olga M Designs' ostrich feather cuffs and 

Designer Neide Hall
ankle wraps. Olga's incredible hand sewn feathered art is

absolutely fantastic. To know more about Olga M Designs check out my recent sit-down here with the designer. 

Charmosa Swim would make any woman feel like a million bucks! 

Misha Mendicino Designs showed off her resort wear 

line. Each piece looks just as soft and comfortable as the 


I especially like the chunky necklaces with a scarf tie. The

silver elephant pendant is the perfect touch to Misha's look 

seeing how elephants are her passion. I gotta get me some 

resort wear.

Designer Misha Mendicino

Sounding like a crowd favorite, State Forty Eight 

took to the runway. The energetic trio, Nick, 

Stephan, and Mike truly stepped up their game for 

their final runway show with Phoenix Fashion 


They had a few new 

tricks up their sleeves. 

State Forty Eight 

brought their entire 

brand to the next level. 

We saw hoodies, tank 

tops, off the shoulder 

loose tees and accessories. Matching logoed beanie 

hats to backpacks to water bottles. But what caught 

my eye was the hand-painted skateboard that had the 

State Forty Eight logo emblazoned on it. That was 

sweet! Verbena Designs, Tom Horn Collection and Clutch Jewelry were also paired
Designers Stephan, Nick, Mike

with the brand.

I expected nothing less than a show stopper from Jenesis Laforcarde's Woman's Touch Apparel. She definitely came to put on a show. 

Jenesis rocked the crowd with a choreographed dance routine of about 10 dancers. It was hot! 

Then her Vivacious line hit the runway in 

full fierce mode. Sexy, empowering, and fun. This best describes Woman's Touch 

Apparel. The new saying "Estrogen Made Me Do It" is priceless! And the 

collaboration with Lana May's crazy CRAZY head pieces were out of this world. My 

hat's off to Woman's Touch Apparel.
Designer Jenesis Laforcarde

The Inspire Fashion T-shirt Design Contest is for 

students pursuing a career in the fashion world. The 

night's original design winner is Anh Huynh-

Nguyen. Her grand prize is $1,000 Fashion Design 

Scholarship from Phoenix Fashion Week who 

continues to push forward and support up and 

coming fashionistas. 


And now for the Established Designers...

Diego Milano had the coolest jeans I have ever 

seen. A mix of an edgy and raw vibe. These 

jeans were so busy I couldn't help but be in awe. 

A cross between the riding pant and a cargo 

pant. Complex workmanship went into this 

creating this brand no doubt. I love the pockets 

with leather inlay. But the best part...some of the 

styles are constructed inside out. Now that's 

some originality! Diego Milano is based right here in Scottsdale AZ where the brand 

is manufactured from start to finish. 

Designers Chris K and Linda

FIDM's Carol Wong 

utilized long sleek figure-

flattering lines that were 

just stunning. Very 

feminine couture which 

replicated some classic 

lineage. I loved the long 

pant with flare leg. Made 

the legs look 10 feet long. Each dress looked constructed with a careful eye for detailed placement. The blocking techniques were perfect. I really thought this collection was sheer femininity and had lots of sex appeal.  
Designer Carol Wong

Tylor Leigh, also a FIDM designer, gave us a 

striking sporty collection. Bold yellow with black 

dots flared skirt was my absolute fave.

This is definitely a wearable brand by both men and 

women. Tylor produced a few pieces that had a retro 

look too. Wide black cuffs and wide band at the 

neckline took me back. Check out the boxer's robe. 

Designer Tylor Leigh
Quite unique!


The final performance coming all the way from 

Dubai is Albert Andrada. All I can say 

STUNNING!!! I've seen many evening gowns 

on the runway but this collection was 
something different.


Albert Andrada created a flawless line of 

evening couture that is tastefully provocative 

and captivating. Beautiful lines and movement in 

each piece was least it was to 


Great way to end the first night of 2014 Phoenix 

Fashion Week. Stay tuned for night two....

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