Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Finale at Phoenix Fashion Week

by Toy Taylor - [RECAP] Ok, here we go! The final night of Phoenix Fashion Week is done. I won't bore you with silly talk so here's how the night went. And it started beautifully... 

Saba! Saba! Saba! Ornate. Intricately detailed. Comfort. These were my thoughts when I watched Adoire by Saba gracefully take the
catwalk. Even the sleek form fitted designs looked comfortable and breathable. 

Every woman knows the pleasure in wearing an evening gown that's fitted yet comfy in all the right places. Saba's brand, paired with Olga M Designs, is glamorous for any evening out. What a breathtaking collection.

Up next is a designer I've been waiting for....Hues of Ego. Can I just tell you that Natasha's Hues of Ego line is so fierce and relentless. If Hues of Ego envisioned a powerful statement to make the crowd's jaw drop, she succeeded.
 The music set the 

tone for the first 

piece to make a 

dramatic entrance got

it! The white fluffy 

do and bedazzled
Designer Natasha
 mask made you catch your breath.
This is what runway is all about. Each piece held its own merit and demanded a double take. Day wear to evening wear matched perfectly with Clutch Jewelry and Tom Horn Collection. Hues of Ego shut it down!

Jacqueline Nicole also had a fun and playful line. I believe her

                                                                                              collection reflects her spirit. Love the pink sequin skirt. That could be a staple in any woman's closet.
Designer Jacqueline Nicole

My fave was the white crotchet maxi dress. Super comfy. I wanted to buy it right off the runway.  Collaborations were made with Possibility Accessories and Tom Horn Collection.

Lillienne Lang collection was just brilliant. The soft demure colors were perfect in not overpowering the detailed style of each piece. Lillienne pays close attention to geometric lines and placement from shoulders to ankles.

From the previous 
sneek peek it shows how this collection has been fine tuned and brought up to the next level.  
Designer Lillienne Lang
Lillienne Lang clothing boasts a strong European feel earning an avant-garde look that makes her brand a recognizable clothing line. Possibility Accessories and Tom Horn Collection partnered with Lillienne Lang.

Nadia and Nora are the amazing sisters of Rayan. I can't even pick a  
favorite design because they are ALL fantastic. Rayan's long sleeved 

evening gowns are simply exquisite.

Check out the deep purple dress with the 

built in cape. Oh! I want it! I can say no 

more...Rayan is flawlessly superb.

Designer Nora

After a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication, Phoenix Fashion Week named the Designer of the Year and the Top Model of the Year. And the results are...
Models of the Year Nick Koester and Bianca Mead

Designer of the Year Misha Mendicino


Kenneth Harion Couture 

brouht mega glitz and 

glam to Phoenix 

Fashion Week. Ornate 

fashion at its finest. 

Just gorgeous!

Couture by Yen was blissfully elegant. Color choices for the runway

love the 
of fabric choices. 

See thru cutouts add a nice touch of sex appeal to this collection.

The final performance (yes I said performance because that is what he does...ENTERTAIN) to hit the runway is the fashion guru of haute couture Rocky Gathercole. 

Each magical creation rises to a level of authenticity like I have never seen before. I mean really? Who can create Hello Kitty couture and make it fabulous on the runway? Rocky can! 

Check out the

Maleficent-inspired masterpiece. 

Speechless! Another fascinating 

collection from Rocky Gathercole. Be 

sure to check out my live interview 

with Rocky at Talking 

Being able to follow the emerging designers through the past 6 months has been a rewarding journey for myself. I love to see the growth in spirit and talent in all the designers. Big hand clap to all the emerging designers and accessory designers. Here at Chronic Behavior we wish all of you the best in your future endeavors.

And big kudos to Phoenix Fashion Week for another successful year in wearable fashion and haute couture. Now Brian Hill and his fabulous team can hopefully take a well deserved break. We will be looking forward to the new 2015 fashionistas!

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Thanks to the Chronic Behavior team for their excellent coverage of the event. They are the team helping to support and promote the brand. We appreciate you for your continued support.

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