Saturday, February 2, 2013

For the Love of Fashion

For the Love of Fashion
The realization of how much fashion infuses into our daily lives is almost beyond belief.  While the rest of the world is working and/or vacationing, fashionistas, designers, fashion executives, boutiques, and clothing stores are considering their options for the upcoming fashion weeks, fashion events, Autumn/Winter collections, current fashion trends, and what they will wear at the next big event.  In the US alone, the fashion business generates an estimated $20 billion annual revenue on over $250 billion spent annually industry-wide.  If anyone were to think fashion is trivial or frivolous, those two statistics alone should clearly demonstrate that it is a thriving, viable business for many.  It is estimated that there will be over 21,000 designers worldwide by 2016.  Furthermore, when one thinks about the number of designers showcased in fashion shows, those who are actually successful are a limited few. 

Those designers who do find success, and a way to not only make a living but also perpetuate their brand and designs, most often do because of the love and passion they have for their craft.  The journey they take is not an easy one and is often riddled with many obstacles, challenges, not to mention the complexities of life in general.  This path is not for the faint-of-heart, nor those who are not willing to show up day in and day out to participate.  Many eat, drink, and sleep the life of fashion. 

One designer who has succeeded in living her dream of fashion is Ofra Aricha, creator of OfraStyle.  The designs she creates enable one to see past the limitations of traditional apparel which normally has one purpose and one way to be worn.  Ofra loves the casual-by-day, contemporary-by-night philosophy she has infused into her garments, a concept that enables one to have different looks with the same piece, from morning to night.  Colors and the different fabrics make her products stand out uniquely, and there is a definite flow and unpredictable nature about their blending that brings her designs to life.  For Ofra, the colors in the fabric have energy of their own and represent meanings similar to chakra colors of energy.  Her desire is to inspire and coach others to live an unlimited life, a life without impossibility; the designs of OfraStyle are her way to reach your soul.

And so we journey from the soul to Valentine’s Day--which is right around the corner.  Why not let fashion play an intricate part in reflecting your love through celebration and gifts?  One way to do so is to visit the Biltmore Union, a new type of consortium which encourages support of local business owners and designers. UNION events, taking place currently in Phoenix, AZ, offer shoppers an exciting mix of 18 small, distinctive boutiques, including shops of fashion, food, and art.  Information on the following 18 boutiques will be shared in future articles focusing on different types of fashion:  Bonafide Goods, Citrine Natural Beauty Bar,, Oils and Olives, For the People, Frances, Frances & Charlie Newsstand, Lilly, British Bicycle Company, Me Myself & Eye, Paris Envy, R & R Surplus, Royal Coffee, Smeeks, Trattoria del Piero, White House Flowers, Whoopie Baking Company, The Willows Home and Garden.

This UNION event is hosted by Phoenix Fashion Week whose goal it is to bring awareness of Arizona fashion to the world and to bridge buyers and designers throughout the world of fashion.