Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An Evening at the Ball

by Toy Taylor - What's better than artistic pieces created by the young people of today? I'll tell you what's better. Artistic pieces created by young people on display at a masquerade ball. This was the first annual

You Can Be 

Red Carpet 


Ball held at 

the Embassy 

Suites in 

Scottsdale. Everyone came decked out in their best dressed.  The 

crowd looked great tonight. Ball gowns and detailed masquerade 

masks were a huge hit.  

The evening was packed with 

varied entertainment. Hip hop


Even had a young duet cover the favorite 80's band Journey. I think we all enjoyed that a lil too much. It was a blast! I loved how all the youngsters came out to support this wonderful event. 

Gianna Nicole and Monica Warhol

The host for 

the evening 

was the 

eclectic fine 

art artist 


Yes, she 

hails from 

the incredibly famous Warhol family. 

Through many trials and tribulations, 

Monica Warhol has expressed herself 

through a multitude of artistic outlets. 

Ms. Warhol's generosity for artistic 

charitable events is astounding. She is 

known to be involved with children's charitable organizations. Monica Warhol definitely has a story to tell.

The non-profit organization 

YCBAAF hopes to raise 

enough money to help art and 

music programs remain within 

the Arizona school 

curriculums. Founder DeAvon Burnes looks to provide instruments, scholarships and funding for art and music programs that he found extremely needful for today's youth.

"Our goal is to motivate 

students’ participation in art 

programs, without allowing 

their social or economic 

struggles stop them in their 

path to success"

Joseph James and Gianna Nicole

A big special thanks goes to Gianna Nicole Productions and Eva Louis of Chronic Behavior for pulling together a jam packed evening of entertainment. The masquerade ball helped to benefit a worthy cause for today's young kiddos.

Art and music allows emotions to be expressed through so many diverse channels. To lose this outlet in our schools would be a disservice to our future adults.

Me and Eva Louis

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Thanks to the Chronic Behavior team for their excellent coverage of the event. They are the team helping to support and promote the brand. We appreciate you for your continued support.