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by Toy Taylor  - Phoenix Fashion 

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designers working hard for their 


Business learnings, exposure to 

the world of retail, classroom 

time with mentors like True 

Religion's Kim Gold brings a 

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I had the pleasure in getting to know JC 

Donaldson, the man behind  BEING DAPPER, a

little better and pick his brain for a bit.

Here's how that went down:

(Ths is my favorite question to ask)

Give me one word that best describes your style/brand?  "Dashing"! 

Why dashing?  "I would say this right on point with my brand it proceeds a  the certain type of attitude that personifies elegance, adventure, and being stylish."

What does fashion mean to you? "It means your outward expression of confidence and personality through fabric. You can learn a huge amount of information about a person on what they select for their wardrobe colors."

How did you start with these swagged out tees? Is there a
hidden story that needs to be told?

"I wanted to make a powerful statement through typography and artwork with Great Gatsby era influence." 

What matters to you most as a designer? "That my clients feel connected with my brand."  Explain. "That when I design clothing it makes people feel more confident about themselves." 

Do you have any other experiences in the fashion industry? "I have been men’s fashion blogger is 2011, that’s what the IVMMXI stands for April 04 2011."  How did that work out for you? "This is my 1st experience in fashion regarding designing it comes along with a ton of work very different from blogging. But some the things that I learned from doing that I can also apply as a designer." 

What is your favorite part of conceptualizing a new design? "Just looking at everyday men’s fashion and putting my unique spin on it."

What was your first piece ever created? "The Nahbro shirt, I remember looking

at a pack of Marlboro cigarettes and laughing and saying there should be a shirt that says Nahbro with the same font and powerful image of someone smoking so I created it."

We all know how strenuous the 4-month bootcamp with Phoenix Fashion Week can be with the required tasks given. All the information obtained by the designers has to be overwhelming at times, I'm sure. 

What is the best part of the designer bootcamp? "Exposure and knowledge."
In what way?  "The fundamentals of building a brand business plan, media, lookbooks, and a strong social media cadence." 

What is the hardest part of the designer bootcamp? "Time it can be a challenge. There is a great deal of work that is assigned to you with tight deadlines. Its balancing act you are trying to turn in quality work and get in on time."

What has been your biggest challenge so far? "Manufacturing relationships."
How so?  "Consistent communication and meeting deadlines this seems to be an ongoing issue."

I am always so amazed by the emerging designers and the level of creativity. I often wonder how long a designer will be relevant 12-months down the road. Your brand strikes me as one that can and will be around for a long time.

What are your fashion goals? 

"To grow a global brand that captures a gentlemen’s entire lifestyle. Meaning everything from accessories, hats, tank tops, tee-shirts, jackets, sweaters and suits."

Well I love your brand. The fact that you can take a staple item and implement your own classic twist is on point. 

I'll be on the lookout for that women's Being Dapper line. #hinthint 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?   "The household name in men’s fashion. Known for refinement in not just in clothing but education, cooking, as well furniture. And a nonprofit program built to help young men to accomplish their dreams through grant programs and scholarships."

Being Dapper can be found across all social media outlets. Wanna see Being Dapper on the main stage at Phoenix Fashion Week? Get your tickets here. The big event is Oct 18-20, 2018. 

See you on the runway!

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