Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Into Style The Phoenix Fashion Week Way!

 By Toy Taylor
       What an incredible evening! First let me say ‘thank you’ to the bright Arizona sunshine for being so kind to us on such a beautiful breezy night. The weather could not have been any nicer for Phoenix Fashion Week’s Spring Into Style event at the Arizona Center in downtown Phoenix. 

This year’s 6 stylists have their own unique trend they will be presenting on the runway. I’m hoping for a few exciting surprises from these stylists. I’m super excited for this show!                                                                                                                                            
The 6 trends debuting 
on the runway are:          
                         Boho                    Denim                                          
                         Floral                   Bold
                         Distinct Prints    Neutrals           


Vanessa Gonzales kick started the show with a class-A look of springtime in NEUTRALS. 

Femininity at its finest. Crop top paired with lace covered mini skirt and loose tank top with a flair skirt is fun and flirty. Vanessa gave us all day wear for the

office or taking an afternoon stroll through the park. Vanessa herself boasts a more conservative style which she conveyed beautifully on the runway. Gold jewelry against the off-white, cream colors were elegant and rich in nature. What I loved most of this trend is the fact that the entire collection came from Dillards. If your style is one of a classic yet conservative look then you now know where to find it. 



Nuvia Magdahi brought her 

vision of springtime 

and DENIM with a sexy 

haute couture twist 

sponsored by Finally Made. 

Frayed tears and cuffed 

ankles I expected. 


What I did not expect was the blazer with the arm slits. 

It gave the appeal of a broader shoulder while signifying 

confidence and power. Paired with Clutch Crowns 

helped bump this trend into a sexier look with an edgy 

I loved it! It was a fashionable addition to the denim trend. You could take items from your closet and emulate these looks. And I must say…the white wigs were perfect! Great job Nuvia.
Nuvia Magdahi and daughter

Jenesis Laforcarde’s trend was BOHO. I have 

been following this young lady for almost 3 years 

now, and I will say one thing about Jenesis…she 

will go above and beyond anyone’s expectations (I 

think ever her own) and present us with jaw-

dropping awe-inspiring showmanship.
Jenesis Laforcarde

 Endorsed by Kustom Kreations Boutique, this event took the founder of Woman’s Touch Apparel to inspirations of Africa and Indian cultures. Bright bold colors in long flowy dresses were simply to-die-for beautiful. I think I need to make a run to Vintage by Misty in Scottsdale. The accents of henna tattooing by The Henna Shoppe set just the right tone. During the press conference, Jenesis stated her favorite accessory right now are nose rings. She proved just that. 

Thanks to Delbame Jewelry for what I will call the sexiest nose rings ever. Take a close look at the pics. They are a fashionistas dream! 
Of course my favorite part was the belly dancers who

came out mid the-Boho-Jenesis-show and 

worked their magic. I’m a sucker for a good 

dance routine. Jenesis gets a big 'awesome 


Tim Boado brought to the runway Distinct Prints. This was the busiest collection of

menswear ever! Loaded with textured-looking prints 

and skinny shorts by Robert Graham are definitely 

going to be on the scene this spring. My fave was 

the deep indigo jean. Such a yummy color! I 

definitely see a hot colorful spring trend in 

menswear this season.

Tim Boado

Audree Lopez's 

was FLORAL. You’re 

probably thinking what I'm 

thinking...floral, sunshine, 

colorful light and airy. Well 

not today! 

This was probably the most 

shocking of all the trends. We have dark, alluring, provocative, sexy, classy, girly all 

rolled into one runway event. I love the long dress with a thigh high slit. Actually, I 

loved every floral piece shown. This collection blew me away!

Audree Lopez and her angels

                                                                                                                                             Jackie Marin brought in the finale with the trend BOLD. What caught my eye first was the geometric lines within the clothing. The black and red dress with the spikes down the arms was quite funky. Not sure where I would wear it, but it did fit on the runway. 

Jackie says she loves 'standing out' and 'loves 

color'. That passion reflected itself wonderfully on 

the runway. One piece body suits, sexy midriff 

tops and halter tops brought back memories. 

Evening wear with cutouts was very striking. Just 

stunning. Jackie set out to give us a bold trend and 



Hope you all enjoyed this article. Stay tuned in for more happenings with Phoenix Fashion Week. Thanks!

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

MY FEST ’15 – Breaking the Cycle

8th Annual Youth Event Inspires and Entertains to help bring awareness to the community and offer insight into resources available.

This eighth annual MY Fest is a FREE community event held to raise awareness about mental health,
substance abuse, foster care and other issues facing youth and young adults. MY Fest will feature live music, Cyphers Center for Urban Arts - break dancing battle stage, graffiti battle and DJ competition, artists, free food, and a variety of youth and a variety of family-based organizations offering information and resources; and much more!

MY Fest is planned and produced by the youth group MY LIFE in partnership with Cyphers Center for Urban Arts and numerous other youth serving organizations. Since MY Fest’s inception in 2008, more than 40,000 people have attended the family-friendly event at Tempe Beach Park to learn more about resources and services for youth and families.

MY Fest 2014 drew a crowd of nearly 10,000 people and featured 70 youth and family serving community and social service organizations. To get an idea of what MY Fest is all about, watch this MY Fest 2014 Video and this news story from the 2013 event MY Fest AZ on NBC News and visit MY LIFE on Facebook and  

MY Fest 2015 features:
·         Singing sensation CeCe Peniston “Finally”
·         Cypher’s Urban Arts Land
·         Dance Battle Stage
·         Graffiti Battle
·         DJ Battle
·         Incredible bands and hip hop artists
·         MY LIFE Discovery activities and crafts for younger children
·         Free food
·         Prizes
·         Plus, more than 60 exhibitors with valuable youth and family resources

WHEN:             Sunday, March 22, 2015
                        Noon to 5 p.m.

WHERE:           Tempe Beach Park
                        54 W. Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe

WHO:               MY LIFE and Cyphers Center for Urban Arts
(Interviews available with youth *)

WHY:                MY Fest ’15 will provide youth and families the opportunity to enjoy inspirational music, art and entertainment, and learn about the many resources and caring support that are available to them, in order to help “Break the Cycle” of some of these devastating statistics

·         Arizona has had the highest rate in the nation of binge drinking by high school students.
·         Arizona ranks fifth nationally in the rate of children with substantiated reports of abuse and neglect, almost twice the national average
·         Currently statewide there are approximately 10,000 children in foster care
·         Department Of Justice identified Phoenix as one of the top human trafficking jurisdictions in the country
·         In the U.S., among youth ages 10 to 19, 11 percent are estimated to suffer from a serious mental disorder that causes functional impairment of their day-to-day lives at home, in school and with peers. In Arizona, this number translates to more than 97,000 youth who suffer from serious mental illness.
·         Among Arizona youth, ages 12 to 17, 9 percent have suffered an episode of serious depression.
·         Suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people, ages 11 to 21, in Arizona.

*(Statistics: U.S. Surgeon General, U.S. Census, SAMHSA, Arizona Department of Health Services/Division of Behavioral Health Services)


Interviews available with Cypher’s Center for Urban Arts and MY LIFE Youth on site at MY Fest:
** Spanish language speaking youth will also be available for interviews

Elijah Lucas 19, (Mesa), Elijah entered Child Protective Services (CPS) at the age of 4, and has dealt with sexual abuse, bulling, and mental health issues. Elijah went through over 20 placements while in CPS and now uses his voice to inspire and motivate youth to overcome their own challenges, while making a difference in their communities.

Riley Gibson- 21 (Phoenix)  Riley was In and out of CPS since he was 5, in and out of numerous group homes and placements, Riley dropped out of high school when he was 17 after attending numerous many high schools. Recently he earned his GED. He joined MY LIFE in 2009 and 2012, became president of MY LIFE. Through MY LIFE, Riley has had the opportunity to meet with legislators, lead events like the MY Fest youth festival and share his story with other youth. Said Riley, “MY LIFE is my life.”

Media Contact:  Eva Louis, (602) 492-4843

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fashion Season In Full Effect!

RECAP---I can’t believe we’re only 2 full 

months into 2015 and the events have been 

buzzing all over town. Fashion season has 

already been unleashed with the Full Throttle 

Fashion Show in Paradise Valley mixing 

runway with sexy sports cars. The Scottsdale 

Fan Fest Fifth Quarter Fashion Show with that was packed full of pro athletes and 


Phoenix Fashion Week kicked off their season with Suits and Sneakers featuring 

menswear guru Percy Knox of Elevee Fine Fashions.
Eva Louis and Percy Knox

let’s not forget about the Big Game Party Bus presented 

by Check out their story here. Talk about an 

awesome way to hit all the party spots especially with 

Super Bowl XLIX in town. From Scottsdale to downtown 

Phoenix to Glendale the party lifestyle was on point! 

Tina M Estes

To keep in line with the socializing soirees, February’s RAW Artists show turned out an eclectic array of artists from abstract art to angel wings to some of the most amazing photography I have ever seen. 

This time around RAW could boast phenomenal talents upstairs in the showroom while downstairs was a more laid back atmosphere.

Performing on stage AND hosting the event is the 

ever-smiling Tina M Estes and her soulful sound. 

Other entertainment was Cole Guthrie and her band 

Crimson Hour. 
Cole Guthrie

Dance troupe FootKlan were having a good ole time 

entertaining the crowd.


Makeup artist Fabian hit the runway with his renditions of theatrical makeup. Super crazy makeup designs! Scarred faces and 3D effects! I even think I saw the Joker onstage! 


As I walked around the artists’ showroom, I noticed how much skulls and anime-themed styles were used. I was hit with alien-esque vibe at one turn then hit with colorful skulls at another. Kylie La Ree Art used her talents in creating anime fighting chicks. Her artistic abilities drew a deep crowd to her art. Kylie free hands facial art of all types of skeletal images that was ridiculously unbelievable. 

Shaken Hallow downright intrigued me and scared me at the same time. Hollowed eyes bald with grayish skin took me right into a scary movie! I couldn’t stop staring at the painting because it wouldn’t stop staring at me!

Marjani Hawkins

Photographer Marjani Hawkins was bright 

eyed and big smiles. You can't help but smile 

when you chat with her. Her work is that of 

great detail and filled with precise thought.

Angel Wings
Jessica Jacobs
Have you ever dreamt of being a fairy with real wings? Well, I found out to make that dream come true just ask Jessica Jacobs to make you a custom pair of Wearable Whimzy angel wings. These are so flippin’ cute I wish I had a daughter so we could have a matching set! YES! I would wear a pair of angel wings! No laughing please…. 

 And finally, what brought my attention to this month's RAW show was the fabulous Shane Baker of Shane Baker Studios. This man’s eye for photography was spot on. He showed an underwater collection that made my mouth drop. If you did not see it then you truly missed out.  Please check out Shane’s site for the entire collection. Alas, my photos failed me. The model looked like she was floating without a care in the world. If it weren’t for the billowiness of the gown, one might not realize the shoot was underwater. To capture such an ethereal moment in a still shot was quite phenomenal. Awesome blossom Shane Baker!

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