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When I first saw Night Prowler at the sneak peak, I thought this fashion?  Where would you wear this athletic wear? HOW do you wear this athletic wear? I mean really, this guy named Henry is the bomb! 
This emerging designer has made mens athletic wear just down right sexy. I was ridiculously impressed with the craftsmanship in having the designs match the mission: Rise When No One Else Will. This brand is strong, confident, and needs to be heard.

Now let's meet the man behind the brand Night Prowler Apparel. Here's Henry Mariner...

How did you decide to jump into the fashion business? And why athletic wear?

"It wasn’t my decision really to jump into the fashion industry. Ive always respected the art of fashion because of my musical background. I feel music and fashion always go together, but I never thought I would be in the business. I am just doing my best to follow orders from the man up above in creating a tangible form of the Armor of God. I hope he will be pleased with my work. 

I chose athletic wear because I felt the message would reach a wider audience. We spend so much time shaping our physical bodies that we sometimes forget that our spiritual body also needs shaping as well for the battles we do not see in the spirit realm. This fight is God vs Satan, the Light vs the Dark, Love vs Hate. This is Spiritual Warfare. We eat healthy and work out so we can help our physical bodies fight against sickness. These are attacks on our physical bodies. We need the same mindset for our spiritual bodies. If we are not aware of the spiritual battle our spiritual body will get attacked and possibly die." 

Give me one word that best describes your brand of athletic wear. Explain please.

"Armor: God gave me a mission to create armor for tomorrows spiritual battle."

Yessss! The model does look ready for battle lol. 

There has to be a story behind the name Night Prowler. Do tell.

"The name Night Prowler came from my mother. She would call me a Night Prowler because I was always up late at night till the early morning working on music. I always kept in my mind the thought of someone at this moment is up working and getting better, so I have to work harder and stay up later." 

What matters to you most as a designer?

"Quality and the Mission.  

Quality because the product has to feel good when you put it on. We want you to feel like you are suiting up for war, for business, for a game, a hard work out when you put our apparel on. We also want to inspire the mindset of the spiritual fight while we are doing these activities during the course of our daily lives."

Do you have a favorite designer?

"I don’t think I have a favorite designer, however I do respect the work of Kanye West and his tenacity to take over the fashion industry. He is someone I admire because of his passion for the arts and for his bold and fearless approach to push a vision forward." 

Did you have fashion dreams or aspirations as a child? If so, do share.
"No I never had a dream of becoming a fashion designer. I did like to create my own looks. I never wanted to have the same style of outfit as my peers. I would mix and match everything in my closet. I still do the same thing now." 

Did you already have experience in the fashion industry?
"In the past year our brand has been on the Label Horde Fashion Show Runway at F.A.B.R.I.C, We won the first ever Phoenix Fashion Week Digital Emerging Designer Bootcamp, We walked the Green is the New Black Fashion Show at City Hall in Phoenix, and we are currently pursuing the Designer of the Year title at Phoenix Fashion Week on October 3rd 2019. 
This is our experience in the industry so far. We are always looking for ways to grow and gain knowledge from some of the industries best."

I am so impressed with you and your drive. It is mind blowing to know you did not start out as a fashioner and now your vying for Designer of the Year with Phoenix Fashion Week. That is one whirlwind of a ride!

How has being a part of Phoenix Fashion Week changed your mindset in this tough industry?

"PHFW has been a game changer. It has been a huge part of my growth process. My mindset has shifted completely to where I can see the path on how to reach our goals as a brand. Im thankful for Brian Hill, Allison Callaway, and Herman Plank. They are the real deal." 

What has been your biggest challenge so far being a part of Phoenix Fashion Week bootcamp?

"My biggest challenge was almost not having clothes for the runway. We sent our designs to our manufacturer 2 months in advance before Fashion Week so we could focus on the bootcamp. During this time we are tweaking the designs, making sure all color combinations are correct and correcting minor details. We get to the delivery date and we have no designs. We messaged and called the manufacturer and no response. 
After countless phone calls and emails I finally received an email saying they apologize for the inconvenience but they never made the designs and will not be able to send them on time for the fashion show… So, long story short I had to create 12 new looks for the runway in 15 days. We made it!"

Omg that sounds like a lot of sleepless nights. Well, we are so happy you did make it. This competition needs a collection like yours.

Who do you lean on when you need support? Any oppositions?
"I lean on God first. He always has the answer."  

What message do you want to convey with your clothing line?   

"To Rise When No One Else Will. To take a stand and RISE against adversity. Chase your dreams and don’t allow doubt or fear to stop you from pursuing. Not to be afraid of the battles ahead but to be a fearless light and run into the
darkness and destroy it. Understand that there are multiple battles we face and we have to conquer both."

I love this! You are speaking some truth.

What is the ultimate dream for Night Prowler?
"The ultimate vision is to inspire a culture of bold individuals that are willing to go against the grain and fight against spiritual warfare. Athletic apparel being the tool to unite us. There is a spiritual war coming and we need to be prepared. 

Our ultimate dream/goal is for God to be glorified and to have the entire state of Arizona armored up. We would like to be the athletic apparel provider for all of the sports organizations in the city of Phoenix. The Phoenix Suns, The AZ Cardinals, The AZ Diamond backs, The Coyotes, The Rattlers, The Sun devils, GSU, The Hotshots etc." 

What would be the one piece of solid advice for an aspiring designer?
"Find Brian Hill. Put yourself in the community. Find out where your local designers and fashion gurus gather and connect."

And that is our local designer Night Prowler Apparel. Get your tickets here to see him on the runway opening night on October 3rd. This is gonna be one heck of a party.

IG - @nightprowlerapparel

See you on the runway!

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