Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The World of Olga M Designs

Right on the heels of their big 

reveal at Phoenix Fashion Week, the emerging 

designers are within days of their grande debut. 

One of the five accessory designers debuting at 

this year's Phoenix Fashion Week kindly 

welcomed me into 

her world. 

 I became quickly intrigued by designer Olga            

Medvedeva of Olga M Designs when I first met her at the PFW Shop Garment 

District sneek peak.

Olga designs cuffs, wraps, crowns all made from authentic ostrich feathers. Her unique calling is like no other.

Check out our convo:

    FFF - Define your brand/style?

OM - Welcome to Olga M Designs brand, where creativity is at its          luxurious best, where clients will find exotic and unique looks to accentuate  their style with beautifully feathered couture creations.  It will instantly  bring you to an elegantly dramatic level that is both glamorous and  exciting!

FFF - Did you have an interest in designing clothes as well?
      OM - Ever since I was a child, I have had sketchbooks where I would design                              glamorous gowns. My imagination is so vivid with lots of ideas!  


       FFF Where did you get the idea of using feathers in your creations?
        OM - In the early 2000's, my family and I spent some time living on a country farm,         raising peacocks and exotic pheasants.  Annually, all the birds naturally molted their           feathers after the breeding season, to make room for the new array of growing                   plumage.  I was loath to throw the feathers away and kept saving them until                       accumulating quite a collection. My father and friends noticed my interest in peacock         feathers and always   Pointed out anything to do with feathers.  The idea of sewing             them together gradually grew to what it is now. 
      As a child, I learned how to sew from my mother and was able to create some clothes.       My family is very artistic, so it is natural that I lean toward the creative side and always       busy making something with my hands.

FFF - Did you create things as a child?

OM - My best friend and I, when we were not even teenagers, created an art business  of painting murals.  It was quite successful.  We eventually received a contract from  the local school and later some stores also became interested in our art. 

FFF - Who is your greatest inspiration?
OM - My greatest inspiration are my family and friends.  

FFF - How have you grown during this  PFW experience?

       OM - Being a part of Phoenix Fashion Week       this year has been an amazing                               experience for me.  I have discovered and             learned tremendously over the last several             months working with the PHXFW team and         all the emerging designers. The                             knowledge pushes me forward in developing         my brand in this fashion world.

FFF - What has been your biggest challenge so far?
      OM - My biggest challenge so far is how to slow down time!!  There are so many               things to do and accomplish and so little time!

FFF - Have you made new connections amongst the other designers in future collaborations together?
      OM -  Swati from Atiz and I enjoy working together.  We have three Fashion Weeks         lined up where I provide her with my feathered accessories for her line.  She just               finished doing the Vancouver Fashion Week and after PHXFW in October, we are           doing the L.A. Fashion Week.  Very exciting!
      I am in touch with the other designers as well.  Who knows what the future will bring!

What are your future fashion goals for your brand?

  Ultimately, my vision is to have three lines:
   1.  Couture feathered accessories, which I am officially debuting at Phoenix Fashion Week on Oct 2-4 at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.  
   2.  Developing a luxurious clothing line of evening gowns adorned with a touch of  exotic feathers. 
   3.  Luxury Couture Feather Fashion where the design is fully embellished with feathers, as you can see by several designs I have already created, such as the Peacock coat.

FFF - What was the first piece you created?

 OM - The first object d'art that I created with feathers was a knee-length skirt.  For the front of the skirt I used golden feathers graduating into the peacock eye feathers toward the hemline.  In the back, I used royal blue feathers, also graduating into peacock eye feathers toward the hemline.  I titled that skirt, "Day and Night".  It's currently in a private collection.

FFF - What do you do in your free time?

      OM -  I forget what free time is!  When I do have some moments          to myself, I love read.  It's my guilty pleasure, besides                          chocolate!!


Olga is absolutely a wonderful person with wickedly amazing talents. It will be exciting to see her collaborations with the other emerging designers debuting at Phoenix Fashion Week. Many thanks to Olga Medvedeva for taking time out of her busy schedule to sit down with me. See you on the runway!

Toy Taylor

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fashion.Art.Beauty: A F.A.B. Weekend!

by Toy Taylor - It's finally here! I had so much fun at this event, I don't know where to start. There is so much to talk about. First off, I have to say there was a different kind of fashion show going on at the Doubletree Resort in Scottsdale AZ. I did not realize I was in for such a jaw-dropping and dazzling show. I'm talking about the 2014 FAB Weekend Runway Fashion Show. The FAB Weekend commits to "the enhancement of your learning and understanding in the field of fashion art and beauty". This was my first time at this particular event, therefore I had no clue on what was in store for us. 

The FAB Weekend program consisted of 3 categories:

MODEL WARS -- Fashion Show Battle

Two of the categories would be vying for a first place win. Once the show got started we all knew we were in for a real treat. The music started to get the crowd hyped up. The Inferno Hair show kicked off in high gear with Unique's Total Image. 

This phenomenal hair team gave us a circus themed runway performance. I don't know what I was excepting but I know one thing, I got way more than anticipated. Unique's Total Image gave you drama of the good kind. Their mix of dance choreography with explosive hair in every color imaginable. All components of the designs were intertwined perfectly. I actually forgot it was a hair competition and not a nightclub revue. The music had me ready for so much more. This was a great way to start the show. I was truly in awe of the level of artistic expertise I witnessed on the runway. 

The flow keep moving right along with Chrissy's Angels who gave us a halo of hair. Sleek sophistication was the vibe with Chrissy's Angels. Very nice. 

Vela Davis gave us everything they had to 

offer. Colorful attitudes mixed with a bold and 

unique statement.

This team utilized a crazy mixture of different mediums: feathers, peat moss, tulle (I want my very own tutu), large hoops, colorful leggings, sequins and rhinestones. Even a paper skirt or something like it was cool. It was ridiculously fabu! 

There was so much eye-candy from head to toe starting with grand ornate hairstyles on down. And who doesn't love a cute little girl in a blue and purple tutu working the runway with her mad diva-tude. You betta work it girl! Chicago's Vela Davis turned hair into hat boxes, tank tops, hair adorned platform stilettos,

and large hoops wrapped in hair. You name 
it, they designed it. From glam squad to                                       

whimsical fun, Vela Davis, one of my                                           
faves, put on an outstanding performance.

The Hair by Peair team looked sexy hot and on trend in all white especially with  
HBP dancers . They were a lot of fun. I've noticed several of the stylists showed many                                            diverse looks with dreadlocks. 


Locks have become increasingly popular 

within the last decade. It was awesome to see 

                                 them showcased on the runway. 

        Mia Mo Styles sexy mermaid looks were sure to 

be a hit on the runway. I especially like the red 

Mohawk. Nice job. There were so many colorful 

attributes to this sect, it was fascinating.                                                 

The Inferno Hair Show was hosted by Dizzie Ramsey. He in my opinion stole
the show. Dizzie's personality is larger than life. 
   He kept the audience engaged with his
Dizzie Ramsey
   spot on humor.                                                                    He made sure we were all pumped 
   up for the night's show. 

Next taking center stage was 

the Kathy Blaze Jefferson's Blazing Curves Fashion Show hosted by Sherry Lee 

Meredith. Sherry Lee is the host of web-based talk show Go Curvy in Hollywood, CA. 

Kathy and Sherry Lee
This was the first plus size fashion show for me, 

so I was super excited. As a curvy girl myself, I 

became thoroughly entranced by the figure 

flattering fashions walking the red carpet. I'm 

already shopping.


Treasure Eutopia Designs have these 

amazingly beautiful African head wraps. The 

prints are just exquisite. believe some of 

them were even a jersey knit head wrap. 

Big Plus Fashion Store also represented their fashions. Whether your shopping for a special event or casual shopping, Big Plus Fashion has it all. I love leggings and

dresses. The blue wrap dress was perfect for the office. While the black and white zebra print dress was made for a night out. I like body contouring pieces that flatter one's curvy figure and not suffocate it. Vinyl leggings are a must have in my closet.

                            Big Plus Fashion Store also offer a men's line. That's a plus!

I was completely impressed with the next brand Wild Siren Fashion Haus swimwear. Finally, a two-piece swimsuit that makes the full figure women feel sexy and confident. Soft demure hues to bold vibrant colors.

I especially like the two-piece with the purple and blue

 cosmic look. I felt the one piece swimsuits gave me a

vintage feel with the high waist band. Wild Siren

Fashion Haus presented curvy confidence at its best.

Love & Lace is definitely for the grown and sexy woman. Every woman loves lingerie yet, may have an issue in finding the right flattering piece. Love & Lace offers the everyday woman from average size

to plus size an array of

flowy baby dolls with

garters and matching

stockings. I especially

liked the leopard print

bustier and wrap.

Super sexy!

Then came the evening and bridal wear. Oh wow these gowns were amazing. STRUT came to make a statement on the runway. Whether a bridesmaid dress or evening dress, the use of color was not spared with this brand.

The strapless full length yellow dress was stunning. I loved the orange and teal hues working up from the bottom up looking like a flame. A bright melon colored full length gown was worn with full confidence. My favorite was the strapless shimmering blue dress. I'm on the hunt for that one.

What I liked most about STRUT is all the gowns were 

in full color. Not hidden behind black to give the 

illusion of being smaller. Curvy women love color too 

and should never be afraid to wear it.
Kathy Blaze Jefferson also graced the runway in a stunning strapless wedding gown that made her look like a princess. The gown had ruching on the bodice which is very slimming for one's figure.

Crystals strategically placed on the bust line and waistline also give a figure flattering look. This wedding gown is simplistically beautiful. I was wowed beyond belief.

FAB Weekend had various local artists entertaining the crowd. Opening the show was 

Kenny Thames and granddaughter Ebony.
The Real Amelia Rose
Other performers 

include The Real Amelia Rose, Berna Blu, and rapper 

Presidential Smoke.

Model Wars jumped right into 

play. Kays Lamar hit 

the runway strong in 

making a powerful 

statement. High waisted 

pencil skirts hair 

up swept in a fauxhawks 

signified strength and 

power in their numbers. The men held it down with their urban casual look.
            The political themed Kays Lamar commanded every one's attention. And she got it!

Mr. Luis brought his team straight from the Vegas stage to the runway. I loved the use of big, and I mean big head pieces with feathers and rhinestones. The glam squad was on point. The crowd was definitely in for an impressive showgirls style showing. Mr. Luis' level of execution was spot on. I loved it!

Manikyn Apparel's urban casual street wear for men

and women was fierce! The black and white geometric 

one piece looked ridiculously amazing on the men. 

Never would I think to see a man in a jumper. It was 

really REALLY cool. Color blocking with 

mesh cutouts gave a complex edgy look. I really liked the casual relaxed flow of

Manikyn Apparel

NGD had a good time on the red carpet. They went old school with their show with a soul train dance line. This was pretty cool seeing how the brand is youthful and packed with street cred. 

The models were having a good time. NGD Tees were 

edgy and fun with catchy phrases emblazoned on them.

Local artist Jim Covarrubias recreated a live painting of 

Billie Holiday right on the spot. Watching this recreation 

was mesmerizing. The painting would be auctioned off at 

the end of the night. 

A big shout out to Kathy Blaze Jefferson and Terrance Hudson for putting together an extravagantly jam packed show. This was the 2nd annual FAB Weekend event and my first of many more to come in the future. 

Terrance Hudson-Kathy Jefferson-Sherry Lee Meredith

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