Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The FABulous Awards 2017

The FAB Awards 2017

Kathy Blaze and Terrance Hudson
The Fashion.Art.Beauty multi-faceted fashion show was spectacular this year! The runway was filled with ridiculously creative hairstyles, body painting and some of the most amazing couture to be seen in the desert.

FAB Weekend founders Terrance Hudson and Kathy Blaze Jefferson pulled out all the stops in the ballroom at the Embassy Suites Resort in lush Scottsdale Az. The red carpet was buzzing with partygoers and all who wanted to get that selfie




on the runway. Vendors lined up to show off their wares from the likes of Prince Hunter BowTies, Fibi&Clo, Damsel in Defense and a wee bit more. 

FAB did things slightly different this year with the event.

Instead of the extravagant hair wars and models wars they decided to present

awards to those who are deemed worthy by their peers. Once the nominations were set the voting went wild. I know a few who voted every day sometimes twice. There was so much amazing

talent nominated I was in a quandary on choosing the best of the best.

And yes of course, I voted for all my compadres. I just love seeing this level of talent coming from right here in Arizona.

And I can't forget a shout out to the best host who's always on point Mr. Dizzie Ramsey. This guy right here ALWAYS keeps the crowd pumped.

There were so many designers on hand it made your head spin.


Model of the Year - Aubri Cooley

Local designers like Antoaneta Balabanova of Galina Couture and Mr. Luis Solis of Lavish Designs made an impact on the crowd leaving them breathless and wanting so much more.

Antoaneta Balabanova and Dizzie Ramsey

Gracing the runway with her intoxicating sound is Jennie J herself. This young lady truly represents the talent here in Arizona.                                                                                           







                                             Photographer of the Year - West Eal







And then there was Vela Davis - winner of the Natural Hairstylist of the Year Award

The runway was on fire! I loved seeing all that natural hair in its raw beauty. Such an ingenious use of creativity and skill. You killed it Vela! 




                                                                                                     Natural Hair Stylist of the Year -                                                                                                                   Vela Davis

So who won The FAB Awards? 

The winner is...

Fashion Designer of the Year - Antoaneta Balabanova

Jewelry Designer of the Year - Lana May Jewelry

Fashion Blogger of the Year - Toy Taylor 

Photographer of the Year -     West Eal

Hairstylist of the Year - Luis     Solis & Bernardo Lomas

Makeup Artist of the Year -     Ketonya Bankston

Icon of the Year - Eva Louis

Model of the Year - Aubri         Cooley                                                                                                        
Stylist of the Year- Sarah Parks

Natural Hair Stylist of the Year - Vela Davis

                                         Icon of the Year - Eva Louis

And that is how FAB Weekend does it! Fantastic show with phenomenal fashions that entertained us to the fullest. A big thank you to the man himself Kevin DJ Xclusive who kept the music loud and bumpin on the runway. Make sure you follow FAB Weekend to keep up with all their events. Next up...If Only For One Night Adult Prom.

See you on the runway!

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