Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fashion Takes A Stand Against Bullying

Out of all the fashion shows I have the pleasure of attending, this one keeps me grinning from ear to ear the entire show. I am talking about the 2nd Annual Fashion Against Bullying fashion show presented by FAB Weekend's Terrance Hudson, Kathy Blaze Jefferson of Blazing Curves

Models&FAB Weekend and Antoinette Monique of Fashion 4 A Cause.

I give all 3 of them a big hand clap for pulling off a fantastic event. 

It looked like 1000 kids running around lol. But realistically, it was probably 70+ youngsters. That's a lot of babysitting!

We all know the horrible tales of the bullying issues in grade school on into high school.


Today's youth are so troubled by bullying of all sorts that they tend to take matters in their own hands or take drastic measures and do things they may not recover from. We do not want that.

And now our kiddos, young and old, have to worry about being cyberbullied. It is so out of control. 

That's what I love about this particular fashion show. 

Their confidence is on point. Their heads were held high and had the biggest smiles on their faces one has ever seen. All of it just warmed my heart.

The runway was on fire with big attitudes and lots of playfulness. So many families and friends were on deck to witness all of this self love outpouring from their children. They are so authentic! 

The show started on a powerful eye-opening note. The kids came out holding a sign with a message like

 "I Am Fashion Against Bullying". 

These kiddos were outfitted by many local sponsors of the 

Fashion Against Bullying event. 

To see the business community come together in such a giving and 

fashion(pun intended)able manner was very heartwarming. 

Fashions were supported by 

Little Divas, The Gap, Kids Foot Locker,

Leyda Herring Designs, Levis,

Old Navy, Prince Hunter Bow Ties, 

and The Rainbow Store. 

I'm sure I missed a few but you get the idea of the level of community support                                    given to this cause.


 The fight against bullying was won this night by their smiles and twinkling eyes.  

The night's festiities included local artists who also came out
JC aka Triple Threat
with FABullying models
in support of the fight against bullying.

JC aka Triple Threat infuses hip-hop with a soulful rocker type of vibe. JC can be found on Twitter @JC_akaTripleThreat

Singer Jennie Johnson performed a song with a young lady from the show. 

Rapper S.I.R. came out and got the crowd hyped performing "Sticks and Stones" for this special event.

The Beat Drop Kidz showed their skills in the art of crumping, break dancing, and hip-hop dancing. They rocked!

A big thanks to the hosts Dr. Brenda Combs and Mayra Energy. Great job ladies!

Please follow FAB Weekend to stay in tune with this fall's show of Fashion Against Bullying.

See you on the runway!

Presented by  @chronicbehavior